Two Minivans Across the Country

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What if you lost everything?  Well almost everything… in everything you couldn’t fit into your cars?  It has been 2 months since we moved and since then we have been living in a rented house with only what would fit in our two cars and about $160 worth of furniture off craigslist, Goodwill, and freebies from family and our neighbors trash.

I think what has shocked me the most Continue reading Two Minivans Across the Country

It Actually Worked!

Did you know “Quiet Return to Bed” actually works if your child is having “normal” sleep issues?  After our move Miss Princess started stumbling into our room each night for some snuggles and then sleeping on our floor.  At first it was cute.  It was nice to cuddle with her and then she slept so well in the floor it wasn’t a big deal.  But this last week Continue reading It Actually Worked!

The WORST part about moving with an SPD, ASD, ADHD child

The WORST part about moving


There are plenty of challenges when it comes to moving with small children.  Add to that mix that one has Sensory Processing Disorder, high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, and ADHD and it just gets harder.  Thankfully this move has been better than the last move.  Mr Rockstar hasn’t had more then average number of melt-downs and his sleep hasn’t spiraled out of control.  Hallelujah for that.

Now you might think I am being melodramatic, but hands down the WORST part Continue reading The WORST part about moving with an SPD, ASD, ADHD child

Traveling/Moving with Kids

5 Tips for Traveling with Kids

Over the years we have traveled a LOT and moved a lot with kids.  We have driven cross country a number of times and flown across the ocean with our kids all at various ages and stages.  Our twins had about 30 airplane rides before they were 2 not to mention a having been to about 20 states from IL to TX to WA all via car.

Here are some tips I have learned when you are about to move or go on a big trip:

1) Start talking about the trip ahead of time

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Change is in the Air

Change is in the Air

Sorry to be completely absent for a few weeks!  I feel I have a pretty good excuse. 😉  We are moving! and across the country no less.  The last few weeks have been consumed with getting the house ready to sell, keeping the house clean for showings, packing what we need to live on for a few months, and helping the children get used to the idea of moving.

This is our 5th house to sell and it will be Mr Rockstar’s 4th move in his 6 years (come to think of it he has lived in 4 of our 5 houses).  We have become quite the veterans on how to get a house ready to sell, how to choose a realtor, moving, finding a good deal on a new house, financing, etc.  We have also learned a few tricks about moving with a special needs kid.  Most kids (but ESPECIALLY Mr Rockstar) have a hard time handling change.  I remember one move, not only did the move throw Mr Rockstar for a loop, but Continue reading Change is in the Air