Learning to Read 2: Fostering the Love of Books

Stumped with a Struggling Reader?  Take a Step Back.  Don’t worry about Reading.  Focus on the LOVE of BOOKS

How many of us when faced with struggling readers start searching out the perfect books for them or think if we just could get them to practice reading some more they would finally take off?!?  The longer I have worked with my struggling reader the more convinced I have become that all the coaxing, pleading, bribing is not productive.  What we need to do is make reading so exciting, so desired by them that they will want to do it on their own.  Why do any of us do something really difficult?  Why do we put in the hours of effort to learn a new skill or to pay off a huge debt?  We do it because the reward is big enough.  Not some little side bribe someone might offer us but the bigger goal, the WHY is something we want and desire.  If we can get our kids to earnestly desire to read themselves then instead of dragging them kicking and screaming into reading lessons, we become their cheerleader and coach.  We can come along side them to encourage and guide. Continue reading Learning to Read 2: Fostering the Love of Books