Holding My Breath

The past few weeks have been….amazing.  I hate to even say that out loud lest that some how breaks the spell.  Mr Rockstar over the years has slowly transitioned from violence, to screaming, to now calmly using his words!?!?  Or maybe it is just a much needed phase for me to catch my breathe and get some rest before we hit some new phase.

Whatever it is I will take it.  It isn’t perfect but the aggressive behavior has been almost non-existent for 9 months and the last couple weeks the screaming has been much less.  It is like Mr Rockstar reached some new developmental milestone, some higher self awareness, and finally understands the futility (or ridiculousness) of screaming about all his frustrations.

Do you know what’s more?!?  Mr Rockstar has actually been helping around the house without complaining 😱   Doing small chores.  Getting his own bowl of cereal without a fuss.  Bringing me my hot tea out of the microwave while I am working.  Totally crazy right?

Historically the worst time of year for Mr Rockstar has always been the spring.  And spring is looming so close.  So for now I will just hold my breath and pray that this is finally the year we get through spring without multiple major aggressive meltdowns.

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