Mr Rockstar is dyslexic.  Shocked?  Yeah me neither.  I’ve suspected it for years (like when he first started to talk at age 3 and would actually say the ending sounds of words first and then the initial sounds?  Yeah that was a fun times.) but I am finally willing to admit defeat on that one.  If you google dyslexia you will get all sorts of random tests with checklists to see if your child is dyslexic.  It always puzzled me because Mr Rockstar would match some of the criteria but not all of it.  But on the other hand his sisters who are 4 have already started reading and one of them almost reads as well as Mr Rockstar.  So clearly something is going on with him that makes processing the written word tricky.

A few months ago I talked with a friend who is a certified reading specialist.  After hearing of our struggles she said Mr Rockstar is definetly dyslexic.  Then a week later I attended a Home Schooling conference and went to all the sessions on helping struggling readers.  There I found out dyslexia by definition is “struggling to read given your age and the massive amounts of time your parents and others have spent trying to teach you to read”.  Given that it took me YEARS to get Mr Rockstar to finally recognize and keep his alphabet straight and his sisters just picked it up off of Sesame Street I would say he falls into this camp.

It is pretty common for 4 year olds to mix up their letters or try and read words backwards but Mr Rockstar still does this if he is not focused 100% while trying to read.

The good news is he is making progress!  It is slow but at least it is steady progress forward.  And now that I have a diagnosis I don’t feeel like such a complete failure as his teacher.  We have tried a million different reading programs.  On the surface this might seem counterprodutive….like if I had just stuck with that first program we would be done by now… but in reality switching reading programs every 6 months has helped keep him moving forward and not hating to read.  Next up my review of the half a dozen reading programs we have tried.  Stay tuned.

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