I never thought I would be saying this.  Mr Rockstar has started screaming in rage multiple times a day and I am actually thrilled about it!  Ok maybe thrilled is a strong word; I would rather him not be screaming, but for him it is a major shift in how he is handling stressful situations.

In the past, whenever something would really bother Mr Rockstar, his knee jerk reaction was always aggression.  The classic example of this would be his sisters bothering something he was working on (like lining up pokemon cards in a row….or matchbox cars…or trains).  He would just hit them in response.  Or if his sisters were crying about something and the loudness of their wailing was too much for him to handle, Mr Rockstar would start hitting them (making my job to calm down said screaming child that much harder) or try to break some of the furniture.

But in the last 2 weeks, Mr Rockstar has started screaming his head off in these situations instead.  While I would rather him be able to calmly tell his sisters to leave his stuff alone… or go to his room if they are being to loud for him to handle…I think it is unrealistic to expect him to go from uncontrolled aggression to calm discussion in frustrating situations.

So in this case screaming is progress.

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