Learning Limitations

We finally sold our house, bought a house, moved everything and have been slowly digging out of the boxes.  In the meantime life goes on.  Today we were supposed to go strawberry picking with a local moms group.  But it rained all day yesterday and it is only 55F today and still quite wet.  Given Mr Rockstar’s tendency to complete meltdowns when he gets unexpectedly wet, strawberry picking on a wet day would be like trying to navigate a mine field.  In my younger days I probably would have attempted to go anyway and we would have all been miserable.  Thankfully I have learned when to just say no and stay home.

It is wise to know your kids limitation but also to find resources to help them work on those limitations.  I am super excited that after 6 months of waiting Mr Rockstar finally got his entrance interview for the Children’s Autism center in Fort Wayne.  They were AWESOME and thought he would be a great fit for their ABA therapy.  They have multiple things they can offer him but to start with he is going to attend their summer “school” program.  It will be 3 mornings a week during the summer.  It will be like a mini classroom where they do some school but mostly have fun and work on things like turn taking, graciously accepting losing a game, expressing his needs/desires/emotions in appropriate ways, even just learning to say good-bye to me at drop-off, etc.

Separation anxiety has been an ongoing struggle for years now.  Mr Rockstar actually did great saying good-bye to me for the entrance interview but I have a feeling after the newness wears off he will be back to whining, crying, and holding on with a death grip when it comes to drop-off.  In any case, I am excited to finally have some therapists back on my team.

The ABA therapists at the Children’s Autism center seemed to agree with the advice our previous behavioral therapist gave us.  On the one hand that was encouraging to me that I am doing the right thing.  On the other hand, if I secretly was hoping they had a silver bullet that would fix some of our struggles like magic that isn’t going to happen.  Here’s to continuing to fight the fight and not ever giving up on our kids.

2 thoughts on “Learning Limitations”

  1. I have learned the same thing! It is hard when you have all these plans already made for them, that they will enjoy, but somehow you know that no nap for the little one in 3 days has made him cranky and exhausted with a much needed nap that day to recoup. So keeping your older child busy with other indoor/outdoor play is challenging when she was looking forward to the outing. No day works out perfectly and we have learned to ‘adjust with the current situation’ and make the best out of it! What a blessing that Mr. Rockstar has a spot now!

    1. I know! I think changing plans last minute is hard on everybody and it seems doubly hard once you have a few kids all who have different desires and needs. Life is such a juggling act :Q

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