A few weeks ago I was feeling so exhausted and discouraged.  Every day I thought “Today is the day I get all the homeschooling books on my list read and all the homeschool material made and develop my master plan!” but somehow the morning would get away from me with us having done very little school work and with me not having accomplished any of my reading goals.  Then afternoon would hit and I would be so exhausted I felt like I would be sick if I didn’t lie down for 10 minutes to rest.  Next thing I knew the day was over and I felt like a failure.

It finally hit me that I was putting myself at the bottom of my priority list.  I was surviving on Dr Pepper and brownies for energy and staying up late to try and get a little “me” time.  It may seem silly but I realized “how can I take care of these kids if I am not even taking care of myself?”.  

I decided to move myself to the top of my daily To Do list.  I had been toying with the idea of doing the “21 Day Fix” for over a year now.  I am NOT a workout person.  I don’t think I have ever worked out two days consecutively in my whole life.  I had a brief period in high school where I was lifting weights a few days a week but that is the extent of my workout experience.  I am the type of person that if I don’t do something EVERY DAY then I start skipping it, deciding today is too busy and I will get to it next time.  Also, I am the type of person that if something is FOREVER I will never stick with it instead thinking I will start “forever” tomorrow.  So the fact that there is a different workout everyday, it is only a 3 week commitment, and it came with a clean eating plan had me hooked on trying the 21 Day Fix.

Besides exercising and eating healthier for 3 weeks, I also added to my goals “going to bed at a decent time” and “waking up at the same time everyday”.  Surely I would feel better if I exercised, ate healthier, and had consistent sleep for three weeks?  (When I actually said this plan out loud to my mom on the phone I had to laugh.  It just seemed ludicrous to think I could actually do all those things.  Like I was calling my mom up saying “I’m about to climb Mt Everest!  Wish me luck!).

Well, I just started my third week of taking care of myself and I DO feel SO much better.  The first few days were rough but I actually have come to look forward to and enjoy my morning workout.  Totally weird.  It gets me jumpstarted in the morning so I don’t feel like grumpy “not a morning person” mom for hours.  It keeps me from wasting an hour each morning just catching up on Facebook.  It makes me take a shower every day and moisturize my eczema (which is now under control for the first time EVER).  It makes me eat healthy food that I enjoy instead of just eating my kids leftover scraps.

After my workout, shower, and healthy breakfast, we start school.  While I am having my 1 hr of mommy time first thing in the morning, I let the kids watch PBS kids.  At first I was feeling guilty about this but it used to be by afternoon I was so exhausted that they would watch whatever they wanted on the iPad in the afternoons.  Now I have the energy to keep working with them in the afternoons, either doing school work or monitoring them playing, so their total tv time is way down and their creative play time is up.

Overall it has been great!  I have more energy, the afternoon energy slump is gone, and the serotonin from the daily exercise has me feeling more hopeful.  What about you?  Where are you on your priority list?

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