Two Minivans Across the Country

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What if you lost everything?  Well almost everything… in everything you couldn’t fit into your cars?  It has been 2 months since we moved and since then we have been living in a rented house with only what would fit in our two cars and about $160 worth of furniture off craigslist, Goodwill, and freebies from family and our neighbors trash.

I think what has shocked me the most is how little the kids have noticed or cared.  Even though this is a self inflicted situation (I just couldn’t stand the thought of moving everything twice so we chose to just leave it at our old house until the house sells), in some ways it is as if we lost everything due to job loss or a house fire, etc.  I am sure if this was the reason for this radical change, Hubby and I would be stressed out and that might translate to the kids “noticing” the lack of their old things but as it is they say they LOVE our new house even though they are sleeping on an air mattress and a mattress on the floor respectively.

Besides the kids not noticing….I haven’t missed much…..actually hardly anything ….plus don’t tell anyone but I love the feeling of being completely free from any need to make our home look like something out of a catalog.  Since it is completely temporary who cares about home decor? It has me wondering why I stress or waste so much time/money making my house look nice in the first place?  Maybe I should worry more about keeping the clutter down and living simply instead of trying in vain to make my house look perfect.

Our classroom $20

The small house we are renting has a living room and a family room so we converted the entire living room into our school room.  When deciding what to bring, my only MUST HAVE was the kids Montessori school room supplies.  Obviously bringing the shelves were not a priority so I made my own shelving units using some moving grade small cardboard boxes.  These are our cardboard box shelves after two months of use.  Cardboard is pretty amazing stuff!



The “dresser” in this picture was fished out of a neighbors trash.  Hubby has since cut me a board for the bottom missing draw which created a nice shelf down low for the kids to use.  I am able to store school supplies in the top drawers.

Living Room – $102

We bought a couch (with a pull out bed if anyone wants to come visit lol) for $40 off craigslist.  If we had just been patient TWO of our neighbors have thrown away couches nicer than this one in the last month.  Evidently January is new couch month around here.  I picked up some throw pills for $3 each at Goodwill.


I found a knit pouf for the kids to sit on for $3 at Goodwill (Score!) and we got a full length mirror at Aldi for $30.  The girls just started ballet lessons and I thought it would be good for them.




Rocking chair $20 off craigslist.  Comfy, cute and perfect for when the kids had the flu shortly after we moved here and I was up all night rocking my babies.




Kitchen $45

Kitchen table and chairs $40 off craigslist.  We only have 4 chairs but the only meal we all sit down to together is dinner and Miss Princess always insists on sitting on my lap.  Hubby likes this traditional oak table and chair so much he thinks we should keep them even when our old furniture finally shows up.


Adorable flower table $0 out of neighbors trash.  Tray, pitcher, water glasses $3 at Goodwill.  This is the children’s water pouring station.  The girls love pouring water plus it lets them get their own water to drink when they are thirsty.






Bedroom $0

We brought a twin air mattress from our old house which Mr Rockstar has been sleeping on.  My parents gave us my old childhood bed (a full size …taken a little getting used to considering we had been sleeping on a King for the past few years) which Hubby and I are sleeping on.  The twins are sleeping on a mattress on their bedroom floor that we are borrowing from my brother and sister-in-law.

What did we leave behind again?

So for furniture we have spent about $160 (after buying a few lamps).  And really it is all fine.  I am not sure why I need a nicer couch? or shelves? or kitchen table?  Beds for the kids would be nice but otherwise we could live like this for years.  So why do I waste so much time and energy being discontent? or trying to upgrade our lifestyle?

I am starting to forget what we even left behind.  I think there is a big garage sale in a future.

So if you left 90% of your things behind, do you think your family would notice?



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