Frugal February: Pantry Inventory

Frugal February: Pantry Inventory


8 years ago we started a tradition of Frugal February.  It was before we had any kids and I always was stumped on what to get my husband for his birthday.  Hubby is very frugal and hates to shop.  Also, things like the pantry being full bothered him.  I came up with the idea of gifting him “Frugal February” for his birthday.  A month of trying to live on the minimum of expenses.  He liked it so much we have continued to do it every year since.

Every year our goals are somewhat different.  When we first started we would turn the heat down super low to save on the heating bill.  Some years we have done a “no-spend” Frugal February.  The only money we spent was from items we sold that month.

This year my goal is to get the pantry under control.  I always tend to overstock when I see a good sale.  Since we still don’t have all our “stuff” moved from our old house (praying it sells soon!) I have decided on a weekly grocery budget of $20 to buy milk, eggs, and fresh produce with.

This weekend I did a pantry inventory in preparation for Frugal February.  The first year we did this we found items in our pantry that had been there for 3 years!  As I do the inventory I try and highlight items that have been around forever or are opened and need to be used up sooner rather than later.  Once I have my list I start planning meals to use up these items.  It is a good time to experiment and try out some new recipes!

All the opened pantry items
All the open or old pantry items.

So do you ever do a low/no spend month to clean out the pantry?  What is the weirdest thing you have found in your pantry?


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