DIY Activity Tracker Bling

DIY Activity Tracker Jewelry
DIY Fitbit Bling

Speaking of activity trackers, I don’t know about you but unless I am going to the gym my Fitbit doesn’t really coordinate with my outfit.  Most of the time I can overlook this and just try to hide it or make it less noticeable but if I am dressing up to go out the last thing I want is a plastic bracelet standing out like a sore thumb.  I could take it off but I have a competitive streak and can’t let my four brothers beat my weekly step count.

I noticed a few weeks ago that some people on are selling Fitbit bling.  It is removable and interchangeable.  It seemed like the perfect solution!  Before paying $10 for one piece on I decided I would try to make my own Fitbit bling.  After all how hard could it be?

1) Find some large jewelry pieces in proportion to your Fitbit at your local craft store

DIY Fitbit Bling


These are a few pieces I found after about 5 minutes of looking at Michael’s.  Most of these were marked down to $2.99 on clearance.

2) Get some clear small elastic hair ties or elastic cording


3) Attach elastics to two ends of jewelry piece

If you are using small rubber bands (I raided my twin girls tiny hair elastics) then simply insert the rubber band through an opening on one end of the jewelry.


Then pull one end of the rubber band through the loop created in the other end to secure the band onto the jewelry piece.


Pull the rubber band tight.  Repeat for other side of jewelry piece.




If you are using elastic cording instead, you will simply insert the cording in one end of jewelry piece, place the jewelry piece on top of the activity tracker, and tie a snug square knot to affix the jewelry piece to the band.  Repeat for the other side.  Don’t cut the cord too close to the knots since the elastic cord unties itself pretty easily.  You might even want to secure the knots with a dab of glue.  Once the knots are tied you can take the jewelry piece off of the activity tracker and maneuver the knots to lie between the jewelry piece and the activity tracker instead of being on the backside of the activity tracker wristband (so the knots aren’t up against your skin).



4) Make a bunch and enjoy all the new looks you can use for your activity tracker!


SONY DSC DIY Fitbit Bling DIY Activity Tracker Bling SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC


Clear as mud?


8 thoughts on “DIY Activity Tracker Bling”

  1. I have been searching for ideas on prettying up my FitBit Flex for days. I do not wear a lot of bangles and bracelets to make it blend in and then finally I came across your post. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this! So easy and so inexpensive. I’m headed to Michael’s at lunch! Perhaps I can make earrings to match each charm! LOL

    1. I didn’t and it never seemed to be an issue for me. However, I will say depending on the jewelry pieces you choose to use….some of them had slight curvature so they were actually raised 1-2mm off the face or other pieces I used where smaller and didn’t even touch the face. Also, I have two fitbits (one is the Charge which is larger and the other is the smaller Flex). The Charge I don’t usually wear with bling just because it looks more like a watch. The Flex I wear as a bracelet with bling. I actually have gotten more scratches on my Charge through normal wear and tear than on my Flex. I think if you have the right bling it actually helps protect the screen face from random bumps etc throughout the day.

  2. OMG!!! Thank you so much for the clear and understandable instructions. I did stop wearing my firbit for a while just for that reason. I probably have some old costume jewelry around that i could also use.
    Thanks once again

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