Progress Not Perfection

Progress not perfection

We have had a lot of good days lately and I need to remember that when we have a day like today!  We had a pretty good morning but things started to go downhill when I decided to take the kids to the grocery store.  We had already been to Hobby Lobby in search of objects for our sound buckets for homeschooling.  The kids did well there but by the time we got to the grocery store meltdown was approaching.  Because of this I strapped the twins into the grocery cart so we could just run in and out quickly.  Mr Rockstar chose to push a mini cart around the store and we were off.

Besides the drama of Miss Princess fussing about being stuck in the cart I thought our little shopping trip was going ok.  Mr Rockstar requested I put a few items in his cart, which I did.  We then proceeded to checkout where all hell broke loose.

As I am unloading my cart Mr Rockstar suddenly realizes that I have TEN items in my cart and he ONLY HAS THREE!  Oh the horror!  Instead of talking to me about it he just suddenly refused to let me put his three objects on the check out belt.  Then when I did get them put on, he promptly grabbed them and put them back in his cart.  We did this a couple times and finally I had to hold him in a tight squeeze to calm him down while the cashier finished checking us out.  By this time I figured he was upset his cart was so empty so I told him we could put all the groceries we purchased in his cart to push out to the car.  Evidently purchased groceries are in no way equivalent to un-purchased ones so this did not appease him in the least.

As I am walking out of the store Mr Rockstar calmly took out the two bags from his cart as IF to carry them to the car.  This surprised me, as well it should, since about 2 minutes later he smashed them on the floor, intentionally dropping them right in the entrance of the store to show his wroth at me.  At this point I did lose it, especially considering he was carrying eggs and blueberries and I could only imagine the worse.

You know it is a bad day when a kindly stranger comes up to you and asks if you need some help.  Sigh.  Needless to say we made it out to the car.  The eggs and blueberries thankfully survived.  I got an ever useful lesson in humility.

Once Mr Rockstar and I calmed down, I apologized to him and he to me.  We both did a 4 step apology (read more here.  It is a great article).  When Mr Rockstar got to step 3) In the future, I will…:”after a brief moment of thought he said next time he would ask me if he could put “x” in his cart as we are shopping instead of melting down in the checkout line.  I’ll take him “making a plan for next time” as progress and remind myself we all (me included) have days that we need more grace from those around us.

On a side note I think I had an epiphany on how I can easily track Mr Rockstar’s sleep and activity level with virtually no effort from me.  I am testing it now and will let you know soon.

Your kids have any massively embarrassing public meltdowns lately?

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