Today I was left completely speechless by something Mr Rockstar did.  Overall he and the girls have been doing much better behaviorally.  They are settling in to our new home and routine.  Today the girls had their second ever ballet lesson and I was desperately trying to get a shower in before taking them.  I finally gave in to Mr Rockstar’s pleas to play a game on the iPad.

I recently deleted everything off of one of the iPads and loaded only educational games on to it.  I find that engaging, entertaining, high quality educational games can help a lot to supplement Mr Rockstar in areas he is struggling.  For instance when he was 3.5 and still was struggling on learning his colors even after weeks of his teachers and me working with him, he finally got them after playing a color game app a few times.  The games just seem to help him get the practice he needs to cement a new concept without frustrating him too much.

Ok back to my shower this morning….I gave Mr Rockstar the iPad and he started playing one of the games BUT of course the game kept crashing and not working.  Agh.  Mr Rockstar was getting more and more worked up so finally I told him he would just have to wait 10 minutes while I took my shower and then I could help him.  If he acted out while I was in the shower then he would just lose any chance of playing the game the rest of the day.

After this I hurriedly tried to take my shower, listening the whole time on high alert for the sound of screaming children, crashing sounds, breaking glass etc.  Imagine my surprise when I get out of the shower and I see this note slid under the door:


Not only did he draw his emotion but he even signed his name to it (cropped out for anonymity)!  I asked Mr Rockstar if his note meant he was sad or angry.  He said he was sad his game wasn’t working.  This note plus the conversation I had with him left me floored.  Not too long ago Mr Rockstar couldn’t even verbalize to us what was bothering him when he was hurt/sick/upset.  Usually if he was emotionally upset he would act out destructively/violently.  If he was sick or hurt I would have to physically examine him to figure out what was going on.  So you can see how him being able to draw a picture of his emotion plus describe what he was feeling is leaps and bounds from where he has been.

Thankfully I pretty quickly was able to get Mr Rockstar’s game working.  After playing it for about 5 minutes he stopped, wandered into the other room, and then came back and silently handed me this:

Happy Mr ROckstar

I think I will need to keep these two drawings forever to remind myself that things do get better and progress happens.  What progress do you see in your kids? or yourself?

5 thoughts on “Speechless”

  1. Oh my, that is fantastic!! To learn to express emotions with pictures and words and to stop the game without prompting is wonderful. I’m happy for you!!

    1. I know! I was shocked he drew the first picture (he used to HATE to draw but YEAH for occupational therapy so now he can draw some) but even more shocked when he brought me the second one. Today was a great day 🙂

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