The WORST part about moving with an SPD, ASD, ADHD child

The WORST part about moving


There are plenty of challenges when it comes to moving with small children.  Add to that mix that one has Sensory Processing Disorder, high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, and ADHD and it just gets harder.  Thankfully this move has been better than the last move.  Mr Rockstar hasn’t had more then average number of melt-downs and his sleep hasn’t spiraled out of control.  Hallelujah for that.

Now you might think I am being melodramatic, but hands down the WORST part about moving with a special needs child is finding new doctors, psychiatrist, therapists, etc.  Last time we moved I was so exhausted I threw up my hands and just accepted the doctors no one wanted because they could actually see us right away without a ridiculous wait list.  I regretted this decision since I hated those doctors for the entire 2 years it took me to finally get us some new doctors we liked.  Shortly after our last move, Mr Rockstar had a major insomnia episode.  At the time the only diagnosis we had was sensory processing disorder and he was not quite 4 years old.  Out of desperation I made an appointment with the only pediatrician who would see us right away.  I tried my best to explain there was something REALLY wrong with my child that he wasn’t sleeping among other things.  The pediatrician just told me I was crazy, that I had caused all my child’s sleep issues (even though I had read EVERY sleep book out there and new the difference between “normal” child sleep disturbances and what Mr Rockstar was going through at the time), and that I should lock Mr Rockstar in his room and he would eventually relearn to sleep through the night on his own.  I was irate to say the least.  The doctor reluctantly gave me a referral to an occupational therapist (who of course had a 6 month wait list) but that was all he was willing to do for Mr Rockstar.

Based on that experience and many others I was determined to find better doctors to start with this time.  I joined some local Facebook mom’s groups, explained my situation and got a list of recommended doctors.  When I called the doctors most recommended, they ALL had 2-3 month wait lists for new patients.  Sigh.  And if that wasn’t bad enough they all require full medical records transferred to their office BEFORE they will even schedule the first appointment, plus a new patient application that makes all the college applications I filled out in high school look like a piece of cake.

I was methodically trying to get this all done so some day we would have good primary care doctors when yesterday it all came to a crisis.  I realized Mr Rockstar ONLY HAD 5 DAYS of ADHD medication left.  No big deal I thought.  I can just call his psychiatrist in WA and he can call in a refill.  It turns out Concerta (extended release Ritalin) is a controlled substance (which makes me feel just awesome as a mom that I am giving this to my 6 yo *sarcasm*).  Doctors from another state cannot fill Concerta in any other state.  What is more, no doctor in Indiana would give us even a short refill without seeing Mr Rockstar and doing a full physical.  I was ready to scream and cry last night when I realized, after talking to every doctor’s office in IN and WA, that there was no way anyone was going to see Mr Rockstar until mid February and last time Mr Rockstar was completely med free he had such violent melt downs that I thought he was going to destroy the entire house and really hurt himself, his sisters or me.  The only glimmer of hope was the psychiatrist we were trying to get in to see in Indiana said they would put us on a cancellation call list.  I went to bed praying we would somehow get an appointment in the next 5 days.

Can you believe I got a call at 9AM this morning saying someone had cancelled and if we could be there by 9:30 they would see Mr Rockstar today!  I have never been so thankful that someone else caught the flu.  Next time I get the flu I will have to remember that God works in mysterious ways.  The new psychiatrist seemed nice enough, refilled the prescriptions, and made referrals to local behavioral and occupational therapists for Mr Rockstar.

Now I just have to start working on applications to the therapists offices so we can get on their six month wait list.  Oh joy.  Truly finding therapists and doctors is the worst part of moving.  Do you agree? or do you think something else is even worse?

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