Settling In

Settling In and Sledding

I know, I know.  It has been so long since I blogged last you probably think we all died in a fiery auto crash during the 50+ hours of car travel we did in the month of December.  Thankfully we not only survived our travels but we had almost zero travel drama.  No car trouble.  No locking keys in cars.  No leaving critical items behind.  No running out of gas in the middle of no where.  Almost no melt downs (at least none dramatic enough to scar my memory for years to come).  The kids took our month of wandering in stride.  I had to be cognizant of Mr Rockstar’s bedtime and make sure he didn’t stay up too late thus throwing his sleep into a downward spiral of doom but otherwise the kids were pretty flexible.

Surprisingly, Little Miss Princess is who took the move the hardest.  Since Hubby left a couple of weeks before us and was “gone” from her life for about 4 weeks she started panicking that Mommy might disappear too.  She slowly started a “Waking up in the middle of the night” habit which transitioned into a “Must have mommy to fall asleep” habit which got even worse into a “Must sleep next to mommy all night and wake up multiple times to check on her” habit.  Now that we have been settled in Fort Wayne IN for a couple weeks she is at least falling asleep in her room at night and for naps but when she wakes up in the middle of the night she sneaks into our room, cuddles for a bit and then finishes the night out in the floor next to our bed.  I wouldn’t mind getting better sleep but I am also really loving the midnight cuddles.  😉

We are staying in a mostly empty house and I have been shocked how well the kids have taken to this (more about this later.  Can you believe we really DON’T NEED all the stuff we thinks we do?!?).  It has been bitterly cold here (-30F wind chill) but it finally warmed up the last few days so the kids could go sledding.  Sledding has to be one of the best activities for all kids but especially ADHD, SPD, ASD kids.  It is just amazing exercise that has limitless experimentation.  Mr Rockstar has started having more behavioral outbursts the last week.  I think this was mostly due to being cooped up inside.  I’m hoping all the sledding yesterday and today will get his behavior back on track.

Mr Rockstar REALLY wanted a picture taken of his intentional crash.  Crazy kid.
Mr Rockstar REALLY wanted a picture taken of his intentional crash. Crazy kid.

Any great suggestions for keeping your sanity in the winter?  How did your family fare with Holiday traveling?

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