Change is in the Air

Change is in the Air

Sorry to be completely absent for a few weeks!  I feel I have a pretty good excuse. 😉  We are moving! and across the country no less.  The last few weeks have been consumed with getting the house ready to sell, keeping the house clean for showings, packing what we need to live on for a few months, and helping the children get used to the idea of moving.

This is our 5th house to sell and it will be Mr Rockstar’s 4th move in his 6 years (come to think of it he has lived in 4 of our 5 houses).  We have become quite the veterans on how to get a house ready to sell, how to choose a realtor, moving, finding a good deal on a new house, financing, etc.  We have also learned a few tricks about moving with a special needs kid.  Most kids (but ESPECIALLY Mr Rockstar) have a hard time handling change.  I remember one move, not only did the move throw Mr Rockstar for a loop, but he was freaked out that all the stuff we used to store in the garage now was stored in the basement!  Horror or horrors right?  At 3 years old he was trying to stop the movers from putting the garage items into the basement since clearly these were all garage items (having no basement at the previous house the garage had been filled with storage.  Needless to say we never actually parked any cars in that garage.).

The next few weeks I will share how the move is going and all the things to think about to help prepare your kids for moving.  But for today I have been reveling in how nothing ever stays the same…..including our kids.  In the last 4 weeks Mr Rockstar has started wearing NORMAL clothes.  Can I get a Hallelujah?!?  He is wearing JEANS, and adorable blue and red boat shoes with laces, and a variety of long sleeve shirts.  He still occasionally is wearing his “huggy” clothes (read all about his infatuation with under armor base layer clothes here).  After almost 3 years of almost no normal clothes (and DEFINITELY no jeans) I am still in shock.  No weird looks or people asking if he is a dancer or an athlete 24/7.

Not only is he dressing differently but we have been having a few good WEEKS.  Sure his sisters still bother him daily and he occasionally bops them on the head in retaliation but he hasn’t had any crazy violent outbursts of destruction or hours of sleepless nights.  I think this must be what it feels like to have three behaviorally average kids?!?  Maybe?  I still am on edge and in the back of my mind thinking this is just his good time of year but regardless I am trying to relax and enjoy it.

This Sunday he decided to go to Children’s Church with his sister which is another rare event that shows how well he is doing right now.  When he came back he had drawn this picture:

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 6.11.58 PM

I asked him what it was.  He said they were told to draw a picture of someone brave and he had drawn a picture of me!  I was shocked!  I am going to frame it and put it up in my bathroom to remind me next time I feel discouraged that even though it doesn’t feel sometimes like we are making progress or that he is listening to me….he is.  He does hear what I say and he has made incredible progress.  I will use it as a reminder to be patient and to persevere even when it feels like a failing fight….it is not.  Never give up.  Never lose hope.

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  1. Barbara I have been following with great interest your journey with Mr Rockstar.,and am truly delighted with this post. Hallelujah indeed! I have had many of your experiences with our Alison,(now nearly 50),and can so appreciate your feelings. I pray for you regularly and will be specially doing so now with the move. I have found some of your posts helpful with Ali, and wish I’d had your insights when she was small! Hugs E

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I started the blog because it is so easy to feel overwhelmed when you have a special needs child. I hoped it would help other friends with similar situations. What I didn’t realize is how comforting it would be to me to realize I am not alone and how great it has been to hear from friends and get their support. It has been a real blessing. I’m glad you have been able to use some of the information with Allison 🙂

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