Work Hard, Play Hard: Pin Pricking

Pin Pricking

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How to:

First gather the materials.  There are all sorts of options.  Today we used metal knitting needles, a cardboard box, and some sheets of paper the kids drew pictures on.  You can also do this with Giant Push Pins and a cardboard box or foam under the paper.

In Montessori schools, children will trace shapes using metal insets (or trace a continent from the map puzzles) and then push pin all around the edges.  Here is an example if you are interested:

This activity helps reinforce the shape in the child’s mind plus it is terrific for building fine motor skills.  There is a little risk of blood using a push pin but it is good for kids to learn they can get hurt and of course the risk makes this activity that much more fascinating to children!  Using a knitting needle instead of a push pin takes more full body strength rather than just hand strength which may be calming to children with certain sensory issues.  This is a great activity for building concentration to a task.


Today the children found my metal knitting needles and wanted to play with them.  At first they were using them as swords but I had to put an end to that pretty quickly.  LOL.  Then Mr Rockstar made his into an “arrow” and he created a target on a cardboard box he could aim at.  Miss Tomboy got her own box plus “target” but decided to just sit down and punch the knitting needle into the paper making designs.  I thought it was fascinating that she created this Montessori work all on her own!

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