Work Hard, Play Hard: Flashlight Walks

Work Hard, Play Hard Flashlight Walks

How To:

After dinner, give all the kids a flashlight plus deck out the stroller, clothes, etc with blinking lights.  Make sure you will be seen!  We picked up a bunch of blinking LED lights in the dollar bins at Target that have little bungie cords perfect for attaching to hats and jackets.  Once everyone is illuminated take a nice evening stroll around the block.  A few blocks from our house is a field the kids like to run around in.  Just the novelty of the flashlights plus the fresh air does wonders for lifting everybody’s mood!


Living in the Inland Northwest it gets dark early.  In the dead of winter it is DARK at 4:00 pm.  It has already started getting dark pretty early with the sun setting at 6:00 pm.  After dinner the kids are always antsy.  I don’t know about you but staying inside for 2-3 hrs in the evenings and we all are starting to go a little crazy!  The kids have tried flashlight play inside the house before and love it….but I always worry the neighbors will call the cops lol.  As long as it isn’t rainy or bitterly cold an evening walk plus a little fresh air sets all right.

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