Transitioning to Whole Wheat

We are slowly eating through the pantry.  As we do we are transiting to 100% whole grain, no refined sugars, and organic where feasible.

Yesterday I decided to experiment with my favorite 5 minute Overnight Rustic Bread.  I made it with 100% Whole Wheat flour.  It turned out great with no recipe adjustments!  The kids ate it no questions asked with a little butter and honey.


Since the Overnight Rustic Bread turned out so well this morning I tried Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes.  I used the recipe from  The only change I made is I mixed it up using my blender (liquids first, then salt and flour, and last baking soda and powder).  I LOVE using my blender to mix up pancakes because it is so easy to pour it out on the griddle.

Unlike the bread the kids were wary of the whole wheat pancakes.  I think because they came out a darker color they were sure I burned them.  I finally came up with a way to explain the whole wheat flour vs white flour in a way that made them want to try the pancakes.  When Mr Rockstar was 3 years old he started attending a Montessori preschool that had chickens!  The kids would take care of the chickens and sell the eggs to the parents.  So from a young age the kids have tried brown eggs, green eggs and white eggs.  I explained whole wheat flour was like “brown eggs” and white flour was like “white eggs”.  “Brown” flour and “white” flour are pretty much the same but the brown flour is healthier.  I explained using “brown” flour made the pancakes dark brown.  Mr Rockstar accepted this explanation and tried the pancakes with no complaint after that and LOVED them.  Of course his sisters followed suit and they all enjoyed the pancakes.



Do you have any favorite whole wheat recipes?



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