Elimination Diet Day 25: Done

What We Ate:


  • leftover Krispy Kreme (the girls and me)
  • Cashew Butter and Honey Sandwich
  • Musk Melon
  • Grapes


  • Hot Dogs


  • Taco Bell

I am super excited to get back yeast today.  I have never really considered making my own bread but I think I am going to try and learn over the next few weeks.  For today I picked up 5 loaves of ORGANIC Multigrain Bread with Omega-3 – 5 loaves with our Bountiful Basket (a local food co-op).  This was also my first time getting the 100% organic basket.  I had heard mixed things about the organic basket but at least today I thought it all looked great!  I want to to a price comparison to Trader Joe’s (or some other store).


Do you want to know something scary?  The loaf of bread that we didn’t quite finish before starting our diet over 3 weeks ago and has been living in the back of the fridge all this time….is just fine.  No mold on it.  Not even very stale.  Kinda freaks me out.  It does make you wonder what they are adding to it to make it last so long.



Again Mr Rockstar did not fall asleep until 1:00 AM last night.  Thankfully since it was Friday Hubby was able to help.  About midnight though Hubby was clearly tired and Mr Rockstar was still going.  I got up with him and found he had managed to lock himself out of his bedroom.  A screwdriver and five minutes later and I had the door open.  Mr Rockstar was starting to yawn so I suggested we try Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (and Their Parents).  Thankfully 15 minutes of that and he was ready to fall asleep.  Today has been better for the most part.  Hubby was gone to a conference all day and besides being tired I am also starting with a cold so I really, really, REALLY, wanted a nap.  It was not to be.  Mr Rockstar not only woke me up multiple times but I found he snuck a couple Krispy Kreme’s out of the freezer while I was resting.  It is comical confronting a kid completely covered in glaze and them trying to innocently say they didn’t steal any donuts.  Between getting sick, Mr Rockstar stealing some donuts, and just how crazy life has been I decided to just be done with the diet for now.  Mr Rockstar is so unstable I don’t even know what a “reaction” would look like at this point…. so we went to Taco Bell for dinner.

I am committed to the family eating better moving forward and I would like to redo the diet again in a few weeks after allergy testing Mr Rockstar.  (UPDATE 10/17/14: allergy testing showed Mr R is allergic to spinach and maybe peaches plus a few other possibilities.  We will be having starting an elimination diet 10-17-14 for those foods for Mr R and then repeating the full elimination diet at some point.  Read all about allergy testing and Mr R results plus our plans moving forward here) For the time being though, we are going to start Savings September (better late than never) to use up all the food I wasn’t ready to just throw/give away.  I did dispose of all food with artificial ingredients and preservatives but there is a lot more in the pantry with just more ingredients than I would like (i.e. highly processed), added sugar, refined oils, and refined flours.  Especially while we transition to using organic it might be nice to have a month or two of frugal living.


I am excited to see how much the kids palates and willingness to try new things changed on the diet.  The kids were all in love with the bread I picked up this morning.  In the past they would have turned up their noses to whole wheat bread full of nuts,etc.  Miss Princess even ate an entire sandwich with the new bread, some cashew butter and honey.  Besides being excited about the family eating better I am ready to simplify our lives.  Simplify the pantry, declutter the house, just find ways to make life easier, etc.  Where do you think you could simplify your life?

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