Elimination Diet Day 20: Hyper

What We Ate:



  • Trader Joe’s Uncured Pastrami
  • Sun Butter Bars
  • Cheese Sticks
  • Apple sauce
  • Raisins



You know you have been doing an elimination diet for too long when it just seems easier to make gluten free, dairy free, egg free pancakes for breakfast than anything else.  Not only is it easier but I am actually craving them.  Weird.

I decided to try gluten free egg free baked fish again using some new silicone non-stick mats and slightly adjusting the batter recipe to see if that would help the breading stay on.  It worked!  This time the fish turned out much better.  Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to make the kids eat whatever I cooked for dinner.  They all tried a bite of dinner and ate a good bit of broccoli (they all like broccoli.  Bizarre right?) but I caved and let them eat a couple hot dogs and some egg salad.


Mr Rockstar woke up twice last night?  I was so tired I can’t remember.  Also, he has been hyper all day.  All the kids had well child checkups today.  Mr Rockstar wouldn’t let the doctor hardly look at him.  It was rough.  Thankfully the doctor just let it go. He has a pretty good understanding of what Mr Rockstar’s special needs are so I didn’t feel like a horrible parent.

I am starting to panic about Mr Rockstar being completely off his medication for a couple weeks.  I’m praying we survive!  Since he threw something at the babysitter last week I am thinking maybe I need to cancel going to work for the next couple weeks until things are more settled.  When does life ever get easier?

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