Elimination Diet Day 19: Mayonnaise

What We Ate:




  • Simply Balanced Oven Roasted Turkey
  • Pear
  • Hazelnuts
  • Gruyere Cheese
  • Colby and Monterey Jack Cheese
  • Huckleberry Mint Cucumber Water








Today I made mayonnaise for the first time ever.  My mom used to make mayo when I was a girl so I knew it could be done.  The hardest thing was heating the egg yolk high enough to kill bacteria but not cook it.  Otherwise, the Kitchen Aid did all the work.  It was super easy, turned out the perfect consistency and only has 5 ingredients.  All the pre made mayo I could find had soybean oil or canola oil and lemon juice in it.  I can’t wait to make this mayo again and use half coconut oil and half olive oil.  For today I just used sunflower oil and olive oil.  Does anyone know where you can buy pasteurized eggs?  If I could find some I would just switch to always making my own mayo.

I was able to use my mayo to make salmon cakes from the leftover Herb Roasted Salmon from the other night and I also used the mayo in egg salad.  They both turned out great.  The kids devoured the egg salad (well Mr Rockstar and Miss Tomboy did….Miss Princess took two small bites of egg salad and two small bites of salmon cake which seemed like a big win to me LOL).  The fruit salsa served on top of the salmon cakes is pre made from Trader Joe’s.  It DOES have orange juice and lemon juice in it so Hubby and I just had it on our food since salmon cakes with fruit salsa is lovely.

I wanted to try making sun butter bites again because the first time I made them I changed the recipe some and they were falling apart.  This time I followed the recipe exactly….and they were still falling apart.  They are yummy but very crumbly.

Another first for the day was I tried making some fruit and vegetable infused water.  I have a stash of huckleberries in the freezer that we picked as a family about a month ago.  I added a handful of these berries, a sprig of fresh mint and about half a cucumber to a quart size jar of water.  I really am enjoying it.  I know I should just get over my obsession with flavored beverages and just drink plain water but I like a little extra flavor.  This seems like the perfect solution.  I read on the internet that you can refill the jug a couple times over the course of a day or two to really get the all the flavor out of the fruit so we will see how long this one lasts!

I have decided I like Gruyere cheese.  I am pretty severely lactose intolerant.  If your only issue with milk is lactose intolerance then you should be able to eat any cheese that is aged over 60 days.  These cheeses (usually the drier the better) are virtually lactose free.  I wouldn’t suggest eating a whole block but I find I can easily eat a few small slices with no discomfort.  I have found fresh mozzarella, cream cheese, Brie, chèvre, and fresh milk are about the worst for giving me an awful tummy ache.  Since learning this about cheese, I have been slowly trying to expand my cheese repertoire.  Having grown up mostly on cheddar, mozzarella, and swiss the stronger cheese flavors take some getting used to!  Any suggestions?


Miss Tomboy was up a couple times last night with congestion due to a cold.  At 5:30 AM she was up and so was Mr Rockstar.  I was so exhausted I decided to give them cartoons so I could sleep another hour.  Thankfully after church I was able to crash and get a little more sleep while my wonderful Hubby took the kids to the park.

Today we started lowering the dosage on Mr Rockstar’s medication.  We are weaning him off it, are going to go a couple weeks with no meds to get some baseline data, and then try a new medication.  Surprisingly we had a pretty good day. He was much more hyper and couldn’t sit still but he wasn’t defiant, aggressive, whining, etc.  I’m hoping tomorrow is just as good!

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