Elimination Diet Day 18: Yogurt

What We Ate:


Homemade Yogurt

Morning Snack:

  • Water
  • Cheese Stick
  • Raisins



Pacific Kebabs


Maple Coconut Glazed Donuts

I have an absolute obsession with homemade yogurt.  The biggest reason for the obsession is it just tastes so good.  It is so smooth with just the faintest hint of tart.  The second reason I love homemade yogurt is because it is much more cost effective. The Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker I use costs $25 on Amazon.


Organic plain yogurt at Trader Joe’s costs $3.19 for 32 oz which is approx $0.10/oz.  To make organic whole milk yogurt it costs me $5.99 for a gal of milk + $1.20 for 12oz of yogurt = $7.19 for 128oz or $0.056/oz.  So it is almost HALF the price to make you own yogurt, it tastes better, plus with a yogurt maker it only takes 5 min of my time.  Seems like a no brainer to me.  For each batch of yogurt (42oz in the yogurt maker) you are saving $1.85 so it takes less than 14 batches of yogurt to pay for the yogurt maker.  In our house that is maybe a 2 month? or less payback.  If you reuse a little yogurt from the previous batch as the starter for the new batch of yogurt it is even cheaper (essentially the same cost as milk oz for oz) but I find it makes my yogurt tart when I do this and I prefer a milder flavor.  If you want greek yogurt you just strain the yogurt through a cheesecloth for a few hours.  If you strain it for 12-24hrs you will get yogurt cheese which is ….just divine.

Craigslist-1-2 Craigslist-2-2

The batch I made yesterday turned out superb and the kids all ate a jar this morning for breakfast.


Homemade Yogurt

Mr Rockstar had a soccer game this morning and I volunteered to bring snack.  I thought the snack last week was orange slices.  Turns out a mom just decided to bring some orange slices and the actual snack was gogurt and gatorade at the end.  Why do kids need a sugar filled snack after one hour of running?  I just don’t understand especially since we are all about to leave and presumably go home where we have our own food?  It just boggles my mind.  After going back and forth I finally settled on bottled water, organic raisins, and cheese sticks.  Thankfully the kids seemed to like it.

Between soccer, a doctors visit, and grocery shopping, lunch was our new standard lunch on the go: nuts, leftover oatmeal cookies, raisins, fresh fruit, deli meat, cheese sticks, etc.  In the past our typical lunch on the go was peanut butter crackers.  This new quick lunch is so much healthier and just as easy.  I even got rid of the unopened peanut butter crackers in my purge of the basement pantry yesterday.

For dinner we had pacific steak kebabs with pineapple rice.  Hubby and I absolutely loved it.  The rice was just so much more flavorful and exciting than plain old rice.  Mr Rockstar and Miss Tomboy liked the steak.  Miss Princess took one small bite of rice.  Baby steps right?


I decided to try a new donut recipe in preparation for an egg challenge tomorrow.  I played around and came up with a glaze/frosting that worked pretty well.  It is just coconut cream with a little maple syrup so it does have a strong coconut flavor.  It looks like frosting so the girls were thrilled!  I was only going to let the kids have one each but Mr Rockstar didn’t like them (they are made with almond and coconut flour so they have a nutty texture closer to cornbread than traditional baked donuts) and the recipe didn’t make as many as I was hoping so we (Hubby included) ended up eating all but two which I froze just to see how they hold up.



I was nervous about signing Mr Rockstar up for soccer but I am starting to see the benefits  Even though Mr Rockstar isn’t any good yet and is pretty clueless about what he needs to be doing, he is learning that he has to stay in the game even when he feels like quitting at times.  Today there weren’t any subs so he had to play the whole game.  It was a little rough at times but he made it through and I was proud of him.

After soccer we went to see Mr Rockstar’s psychiatrist.  The doctor liked all the data I have started collecting.  Because of all the behavioral issues Mr Rockstar has been having the last couple weeks he suggested we take Mr Rockstar off of the Intuniv, get a couple weeks of baseline data with no medication and then try a more traditional ADHD stimulant medication and maybe something to help with sleep too.  I am anticipating the next couple weeks might be rough.  It will take 4 days to titrate him off the Intuniv and then we will see where we stand.


I am down 4 lbs!  I have been trying to lose that weight for six months now.  I haven’t felt deprived at all on the elimination diet.  My activity level is actually lower than it was a few weeks ago just because school has started and it is getting cooler outside.  I have even cheated a bit on the diet and yet I still lost the weight without having to think about it.  I think it is mostly due to cutting out all the processed foods, lowering the sugar in my diet, and eating whole grains which are so much more filling.  I really think even as we add in more foods I will be able to keep the weight of this time as long as we continue to follow the “Real” food rules.  One of the rules I have always questioned was the use of only honey and maple syrup as sweeteners.  Now though I am all for it!  Even if it doesn’t affect you biologically it does affect your wallet.  For instance, if a recipe calls for 1/2 cup or more of sugar I think “Hell no.  I am going to find a cheaper recipe”.   So take it from someone who has secretly stalked the 100daysofrealfood.com  and thought “does it really make that much of a difference?”.  It does.  It does indeed.

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