Elimination Diet Day 16: Milk

What We Ate:



  • Havarti Sliced Cheese
  • Simply Balanced Oven Roasted Turkey Breast Deli Meat
  • Whole Milk


  • Banana
  • Hazelnuts


Whole Chicken

After begging for “real” milk for weeks, Miss Princess wouldn’t drink it this morning!  I decided to try the organic milk which meant the milk jug looked different than usual so she was highly suspicious.  By lunch time she finally took a small sip of the milk.  The Havarti cheese at lunch was a huge hit.  Between the three of them they ate an entire package.  For dinner I made a whole chicken in the crock pot.  It is one of my favorite easy dinners.  With the leftover chicken carcass I am making chicken stock for the first time ever.  I wish I had done this before our diet started since it is so hard to find chicken stock without added yeast or other unacceptable ingredients.

Before moving to the inland northwest I always thought yams and sweet potatoes were the same thing.  They are not!  We had baked sweet potatoes tonight.  In case you live in the south or midwest, yams are orange in color but sweet potatoes look just like baking potatoes and are quite sweet.  I baked a large one tonight and served it with a dab of real butter.  Another first tonight was roasted asparagus and tomatoes.


We had another rough day.  Mr Rockstar and Miss Tomboy were both up for about an hour in the middle of the night.  I can see from my data tracking that Mr Rockstar has gotten quite depressed.  Oftentimes even when his behavior is poor he is still “happy” but the last couple days he is crying a lot and just sad/distraught about everything.  We had a long morning trying to get school work done.  He wasn’t hyper, he just didn’t want to do the work.  At one point he scribbled his workbook, later he broke all his new crayons, and when asked to take a time out he smashed two of my picture frames and made sure he broke the glass (he has done this before but Hubby has always been able to glue the frames back together.  Mr Rockstar thought if he broke the glass they would be broken for good.  He didn’t realize he was going to have to “pay” for them with a couple of his prized toys).


Mr Rockstar took a nap without much complaint but even after that he was still in a bad mood.  At one point he was sitting on Hubby’s lap and they were talking and I overheard him solemnly say, “I am stuck in a dream where I want to hurt people.  I hope they have medicine that can help me stop.”  This just freaks me out as a mom.  Crazy talk like this (plus him saying he is going to break everything in the house) is just not normal for 6 year olds?!?  Is it? Hubby and I don’t talk this way.  We aren’t yellers and for the most part we keep our cool.  We know there is more than just ADHD going on in Mr Rockstar’s little head….maybe a mood disorder.  I take him back to see his psychiatrist Saturday so maybe he will have suggestions.  All I know to do is pray, try to stay calm, and love the poor boy.

We did have milk today but I couldn’t tell that it made any change in his behavior.  He drew this picture before breakfast:


and this one about 2 hrs later (it is supposed to be a “no driving trucks here” sign):


Unless I get some sort of bizarre reaction from Mr Rockstar I plan to just continue adding foods back in especially since we haven’t seen a huge benefit behaviorally from the diet so far (we have seen a lot of benefits in other ways though!).  Next week we see an allergist and hopefully get some answers.  Depending on those results we may start the elimination diet over.  Right now I am concerned that the kids might become intolerant of certain foods if we leave them out of their diet for too long.


Confession: we have never really tried organic.  I know you would think doing this sort of diet you would obviously want to switch to organic.  Since we haven’t been used to buying organic the sticker shock was hard to swallow especially when you add in the extra cost of gluten free flours and pure maple syrup.  Then I read that organic foods are often higher in salicylates (I have no idea why?) which was a great excuse to just not worry about organic for the time being.  Moving forward I want to try switching to organic.  It might take me a while but either food has nothing to do with Mr Rockstar’s issues or he is super sensitive and then maybe small amounts of pesticide residue could be a problem?


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