Elimination Diet Day 15: Ready to Give Up

What We Ate:



  • Applegate hotdog with mustard (Mr Rockstar had this for an early lunch)
  • Biscuits with Sunbutter and Pear butter
  • Carrots






Banana Ice-cream

Today I was ready to throw in the towel on this diet.  We haven’t had a terrible day it was just ok.  But we are more than two weeks into the diet and it was just ok!?!  I just have seen any marked improvements behaviorally.  We have bad days and good days.  Sometimes I start fretting that maybe we just haven’t done a “pure” enough job at the elimination diet.  Maybe salicylates were too high the first week?  Maybe he is sensitive to salicylates but it takes a couple days to build up in his system so the challenge day was inadequate?  Maybe if the first week we had been legume free plus salicylate free it would have been better?  Maybe I should have gone all organic for the diet (I haven’t quite been able to bring myself to go full organic)?  What have I missed?  I will just drive myself crazy thinking this way.  I figure I have three options:

  1. Give up completely and go buy some milk, bread, and eggs.
  2. Even though I can’t see any marked improvement continue with the diet and try to do food challenges on his good days spacing out food challenges by 2-3 days.
  3. Start over.

For the time being I am choosing option number 2.  Tomorrow, assuming we have an ok morning, I am going to do a milk challenge.  I will start with whole organic milk and if that is ok we will move on to yogurt and cheese.  I have been worried about the kids calcium intake. The rice milk has a pretty high level of calcium but they have never taken to drinking very much of it.

I also decided to make an appointment to take Mr Rockstar to see an allergist.  He has been constantly licking his upper lip.  Maybe allergies?  I would say it was a cold (since Miss Tomboy just came down with one) but he has been doing it for at least 3 weeks now with no other symptoms and it is a recurring problem.  Maybe a blood test for food intolerances could shed light on a food we failed to eliminate from the early stages of our diet.  My understanding is that these blood tests tend to be overly sensitive so you can get a number of “false” positives.  At least it would give us a better idea of where to start from.

It is the third(?) time the kids have had the sun butter biscuit sandwiches and today they declared them “delicious”.  For snack I tried making homemade Sunbutter “Larabar” bites.  They were SO easy to make I was shocked.  I was sure they would either be crumbly or sticky but they were perfect.  We all loved them.

After dinner I made some two ingredient banana ice-cream.  The recipe just seemed too easy so I was sure it would be ….um not ice cream in consistency at all.  Surprisingly it turned out great even using my cheap blender.  I was excited because since I am lactose intolerant I usually have to forgo ice-cream.  In the past, all the non-dairy ice cream I have tried has been a let down.  This ice-cream though hit the spot.  Now I know what to do with any half eaten abandoned bananas I find!


The kids slept through the night! and we had a pretty good morning.  They decided to dress up like butterflies and we “flew” all the way to preschool this morning.


Mr Rockstar did all his schoolwork without much fuss.  By late morning though Mr Rockstar started falling apart over little things.  I did finally convince him to take a nap at 1:00pm right before I left for work.  While I was at work he took a nap but when he woke up he got into some argument with the new babysitter and Miss Tomboy and ended up throwing a toy at the babysitter’s face! 🙁  What are you supposed to say when a babysitter relays this to you?  I try to warn babysitters about Mr Rockstar’s issues but he is so complicated it never really works.  Sigh.  The whole thing just makes me tired.

The rest of our evening was mediocre behavior wise.  Three days into school and Miss Tomboy already has a bad cold and was running a fever of 101F this evening.  Perhaps Mr Rockstar is also starting to come down with the cold?  If so I wonder what that means for our diet?


I’m tired.  Going to bed early.  Maybe it will all make sense in the morning.

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