Elimination Diet Day 14: Maybe Citrus?

What We Ate:


Mini Baked Pumpkin Donuts Gluten Free Egg Free Dairy Free Coconut Free


  • Cashews
  • Raisins
  • Applegate hotdog with mustard
  • Pear sauce


  • Apples
  • Freeze dried blueberries


Spaghetti Bolognese gluten free dairy free sweetener free


pear galette


Things I learned today:

  1. Freeze dried blueberries would make a wonderful natural food coloring.  My kids hands and mouths were covered in purple blue stains after eating some for snack.
  2. Pear sauce is amazing, easy to make, is a great way to use up ripe pears and is much sweeter than unsweetened applesauce.
  3. Spaghetti Bolognese is a breeze to make plus it has no added sugar which is awesome considering almost ALL canned spaghetti sauce has sugar added.  The kids thought they had died and gone to heaven to see spaghetti for dinner tonight.  Miss Princess at FOUR plates worth of it.  They (and I) even liked the rice noodles.
  4. I recently discovered galettes and I am never making a traditional apple pie ever again.  Mine always look pathetic.  An apple galette on the other hand is supposed to be “rustic” which is about my competency at handling pastry (esp gluten free).  This apple galette turned out beautifully and was a hit with the kids.  I expect I will be making this once a week with all sorts of different fruit in it.  It also would make a nice breakfast on a cold morning.


The good news is they all slept through the night (yeah!).  The bad news is Mr Rockstar was a grump.  He seemed tired, lethargic, depressed, defiant and in no mood to put up with his sisters whining.  Miss Princess was upset about something (her clothes maybe?) and her crying was bothering him so he just went over and hit her on the head (like that would quiet her down by golly).  Later when I was trying to get him to do his school work he point blank refused, scribbled his workbook and hid all the erasures.  When I found an erasure and cleaned up the workbook he threatened to rip it apart and cut it up.  When it was time to take the girls to school, Mr Rockstar rode in the stroller instead of riding his bike….which he NEVER does unless he is super tired.

After dropping the girls off Mr Rockstar and I went to his occupational therapy.  He cuddled up on my lap while waiting for his therapist.  When it was time to go back with his therapists he refused to say goodbye and had to be dragged by the therapist back there.  He has been going back fine for weeks now so it was weird for him to be so obstinate about it today.  When therapy was over, his therapist said he did a good job once he settled down.  But as I was talking with the therapist Mr Rockstar started trying to fake punch the therapist and scratch me and just blank refused to agree to anything he was asked to do.  Of course on our way home from therapy Mr Rockstar fell asleep.  After his nap he seemed better, ate some lunch and quickly finished his school work without much prompting.

Later in the afternoon though Mr Rockstar asked me if I knew where his nutcracker water globe was.  Last year he got a nutcracker water globe at an after Christmas sale.  A few months ago he dropped it and the globe shattered.  He had asked me if he could keep it, jagged glass shards and all, and I said I would see if it was possible to knock the rest of the glass off so he would just have a nutcracker music box.   I was unable to salvage the music box and threw it away.  At the time he was devastated but I haven’t heard about it from him for months.  As we sat down and talked about it today he got more and more agitated.  At first he just cried and I rocked him but then he got mad at me and tried to scratch my skin multiple times.  I asked him to take a time out for trying to hurt me but he refused at which point I put him in the laundry room to calm down and start his time out (I have the blessing of our behavioral coach on doing this when he is being aggressive and defiant).  He started screaming “I will never take my time out” and “I will break everything.”.  Even so it only took 5 min for him to start his time out since he knew the routine.  It gets pretty boring in the laundry room.

Surprisingly, shortly after his sisters woke up from their afternoon nap his attitude turned around.  They were able to play together without any incident and he got a sunnier disposition.  The rest of the evening continued this way with him just being sweet and ok with life.  The suddenness of the attitude change yesterday and it just suddenly going away 24hrs after having citrus is another fact to consider.  So maybe citrus is a problem? Who knows?  At work I like to have at least 30 data points to try to do an analysis on.  This was one data point which means we might be at this elimination diet for longer than I originally anticipated.

In her book “Is This Your Child?“, Dr Rapp describes some of this behavior (being withdrawn, depressed, aggressive, tired, irritable) as occurring in some children with food sensitivities.  If yesterday evenings sadness, depression, defiance, crazy talk, etc was just due to having been woken up from a deep sleep Mr Rockstar would have been better today?  I have been tracking Mr Rockstar’s happiness among other things in an app on my iPhone.  In the just over 2 weeks of data I have this is the first time he has been really sad.  It is a marked difference than the last couple weeks and it didn’t happen until after he had a concentrated dose of citrus.  Of course, I only have one citrus data point so the data is inconclusive.  The other piece of evidence that has me thinking maybe it is citrus and not just a coincidence was that Mr Rockstar was begging for Sprite this morning.  We haven’t had any soda for weeks so it just seemed random for him to be craving a citrus soda.


This diet has changed my expectations so dramatically for what my kids can eat and should eat that I went through my pantry stock in the basement and almost everything that was unopened got put in bags to go to the local food pantry.  There is just a lot less whining when there are no sweet treats or junk food in the house not to mention they are eating so much healthier.

Besides all eating healthier I have noticed my chocolate (and sweets) in general cravings have gone  Now I crave hazelnuts instead.  I can’t wait to see what it is like to reintroduce chocolate and maybe just stick with dark chocolate.

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