Elimination Diet Day 13: Something in the Air

What We Ate:



  • Simply Balanced Turkey
  • Blueberries
  • Black Olives
  • Carrots
  • Applesauce
  • Rice Cake

Smiley Face Lunch


  • Lemonade
  • Fruit Leather (with lemon)
  • Orange slices
  • Cashews
  • Rice Thins


Baked Salmon with Dill and Thyme

There must be something in the air.  After three solid night of sleep ALL the kids were up at least twice last night.  Ugh.  Miss Princess woke up ay 10:30 pm to use the potty.  Mr Rockstar climbed into bed with me at 12:30 AM.  At 1:00 AM I put him back in his bed.  At 3:00 AM he was back in our room wide awake asking if we could do “Sitting Like A Frog”.  Another suggestion from his doctor was to try mindfulness exercise.  He recommended Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (and Their Parents) by Eline Snel.  It has a cd that is very calm and helps your child (and you) learn to sit still like a frog and pay attention to your breathing, how to relax and listen to how you feel, how to let go of busy thoughts so you can sleep, etc.  I have been doing one of these exercises each day before school with the kids and they seem to really enjoy it.  So at 3:30 AM we were doing mindfulness exercises in his room.  He started yawning and seemed to be slowly calming down.  At 4:00 AM I told him good night and went and crawled back in bed.  Of course at 4:30 AM, Miss Princess woke up and said she had to use the potty again.  This woke up Miss Tomboy who decided she also needed to use the potty.  5AM I climbed back into bed.  5:30AM Miss Tomboy somehow hit her head into the side of her bed and started crying hysterically.  It took a while to soothe her back to sleep.  When I finally did it was 6AM and it seemed pointless to climb back into bed yet again.  So at 6AM I gave up made my self a real cup of coffee (no decaf today) and started baking some cookies.

The morning was insanely busy.  A month ago I ordered some wild sockeye salmon through Zaycon.  Zaycon is a direct to consumer meat, fish and poultry distributor.  The chicken comes fresh and is never frozen and is 100% natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients.  Similarly their salmon (while it is frozen) doesn’t have any dye added to it (a lot of salmon has red dye added to it to make it look fresher) or other artificial ingredients or additives.  So far we have only bought the chicken and salmon but Zaycon’s prices beat Walmart and the quality is so much better.  Our salmon delivery was coming in this morning and had to be picked up between 8-9am.  It was the girl’s first day of preschool and they started at 9 and I had my first attendance report due for Mr Rockstar by 10.  At 7:30 as I am trying to get the kids out the door, I had one tray of cookies in the oven and thought I would let them cook 2 more minutes while I loaded the kids in the van….and then I completely forgot about them until we were on our way back from picking up the fish (I love pickup with Zaycon.  You don’t even have to get out of your car).  I had a whole tray of charcoal cookies when I got home.  At least there were enough good ones for the kids to fill up for breakfast.

Lunch was random.  I just threw together what we had.  Mr Rockstar and Miss Tomboy liked it but I think Miss Princess only ate the rice cake.

I decided to try a citrus challenge in the afternoon since we had an ok day.  So snack was citrus heavy.

Dinner was herb crusted baked salmon, white asparagus sautéed in coconut oil, and spinach soup.  Hubby and I both enjoyed it.  Miss Tomboy liked the fish.  Mr Rockstar and Miss Princess only took a nibble of fish.  I caved and gave them all a bowl of oatmeal for dinner.  At least that is better than our old sugary cereals we used to eat on bad days.  Right?


Considering the rough night, we had an ok morning and afternoon.  The girls made it to school and loved their first day of preschool.  Initially, Mr Rockstar did a good job on his schoolwork but he continued to get progressively more agitated.  His first workbook page he did ok on but his second he started scribbling in frustration.



And then it hit me…in all the business of the morning I forgot to give him his morning medication.  Mr Rockstar takes 3mg of Intuniv for his ADHD.  It is a high blood pressure medication that they have found helps children with ADHD and aggression.  After I gave him his meds I let him play for a bit and he slowly settled down.  We were finally able to finish school before picking up the girls.

This afternoon I worked my part time job and left the kids with a new babysitter.  It turns out shortly after I left, Mr Rockstar and Miss Tomboy got up and never took a nap.  Even so they were in good spirits when I got home so I thought it would be an ok time to do a citrus challenge.  We made up some lemonade and grabbed some citrus snacks and headed to the soccer field for Mr Rockstar to practice with Hubby.  Mr Rockstar fell asleep 2 min after the car started.  When we got to the soccer field he was snoring.  He slept about 40 min before I saw some movement and started waking him up.  When he woke up he was limp and refused to do anything.  He was unhappy about everything.  We finally coaxed him into kicking the ball once and left to go home.  On the way home he decided to repeatedly unbuckle his seat belt.  I finally told him it was illegal to ride in the car without his seat belt fastened.  Then he started crying and saying he WANTED to go to prison because he wanted a new family.  He finally did keep his seat belt on but when we got home he was just sobbing saying he wanted to find a new mom and dad and get a new house.  He let me hold him and he just sobbed like his heart was broken (not like he was having a tantrum if that makes any sense).  Finally he decided he would make a house for himself on our front lawn using the scrap wood in the garage.  We were able to persuade him we could just make his bunk bed into a tent and that could be a quiet space he could go to if he needed to rest.  After that he calmed down and had a good rest of the evening.  This is maybe the third time this year Mr Rockstar has told me he was going to leave our home and make his own.  Maybe with all this data I am collected we will start to see some triggers.

So the citrus test was inconclusive.  Maybe it made him extremely emotional and sad? or maybe it was just waking him up in the middle of a hard nap after a rough night of sleep.  Who knows? For now I think I have to put citrus back on the “not now” list and try again in a few weeks.


If you decide to do an elimination diet with your family, save yourself some grief and DO NOT try to give up caffeine at the same time your kids are learning all new eating habits.  Its just crazy.  I am secretly loving the mindfulness exercise for myself.  My therapist is always saying I need to feel my feeling and not just rush over them or try to make them go away too quickly but really process them.  But how do you do that?  The Sitting Still Like a Frog gives clear instruction that helps process how you are feeling and also letting go of worry.  Kinda fun.  Wish I had found it before having kids.  Maybe I would be a more zen parent then.  Maybe there is still hope for me yet eh?

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