Elimination Diet Day 12: Habit

What we ate:


  • Pumpkin Mini Donuts

Pumpkin Mini Donuts Gluten Free Egg Free Dairy Free


  • Fry Bread Sliders with mustard, tomato, lettuce and onion
  • Dill pickles
  • Carrots

Fry Bread Sliders Gluten Free Egg Free Dairy Free Yeast Free


  • Pistachios
  • Bananas
  • Paleo cookies


Vietnamese Spring Rolls Gluten Free Egg Free Dairy Free

Last year I read the book The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business.  In this book it describes how habits are formed and what we can do to break bad habits and how to develop good habits.  Have you ever started driving to work and realize you got there and you don’t remember ANY of the drive!?!  Yeah that happens to me all the time.  Or worse yet you start driving someplace and miss your turn because you just go on autopilot to wherever you usually drive.  It turns out we have cues (like backing out of the driveway) that trigger programs (habits) to run until complete.  This allows your subconscious to run the program while the rest of your brain is free to think and work on other problems.  When Hubby and I were first married I was awful about doing laundry.  I would wait until the laundry pile was so large it would topple over and crush someone.  When we were out of clean clothes I might wash it all or just a load to get by and I hardly ever folded it or put it away.  It just seemed like such a chore.  But something magical happened when we had the twins.  Suddenly there was so much laundry (I cloth diapered them…yes it was insane) I found I needed to run the washer 24/7 or at least that is what it felt like.  Next thing I knew I had developed the habit of starting a load while the kids ate breakfast, switching it to the dryer at lunch and then folding it after naps and putting it away.  Now it no longer seems like a chore.  I just do it.  It is like brushing my teeth.  Ever notice how our kids feel like teeth brushing is such a chore.  “Do I really have to brush my teeth, Mommy” but as an adult we are so used to it we do it without even thinking about it.

What does this have to do with out diet?  I have realized cooking was a chore for me.  Convenience food just seemed like the way to go.  After 2 weeks of cooking almost every meal it is starting to become a habit.  I don’t find myself dragging my feet into the kitchen when it is time to cook dinner.  I won’t say it is domestic bliss but it is becoming a routine rather than a emotional drain.  It gets easier.

I have tried a couple of my gluten free recipes with the Traders Joe’s All Purpose Gluten Free Flower (brown rice base) instead of the Bob’s Red Mill Flour (chickpea base) and they have all turned out fine.  The chickpea flour does have a much stronger taste so in that sense the rice flour is nicer.  I thought the Fry Bread Sliders turned out great.  Seriously why didn’t we do those a week ago?  Mr Rockstar and Miss Tomboy also just liked eating the burgers without bread and dipping them into mustard.  I am guessing serving them up burgers for lunch might be cheaper than the Applegate hotdogs or the Simply Balanced Turkey I have found.  In any case we have more lunch variety now.

For snack the kids ate Omega 3 Paleo Cookies.  Mr Rockstar’s new doctor says there is good data that ADHD/autistic/developmentally delayed children benefit from a high does of omega 3’s.  He said to aim for 1000-1500mg a day.  We had been giving Mr Rockstar a children’s omega 3 supplement but it only had 32 mg a day in it!  Besides the high level of omega 3’s, the doctor said to find a supplement that had more EPA than DHA.  After doing some research I found a liquid form and 2 tsp a day is more than enough to meet the doctors suggestions.  The only problem is drinking 2 tsp of oil a day is gross.  Thankfully this oil doesn’t have a strong fish oil taste (if yours does it means it has oxidized and is probably not good anymore).  I found out that baking with the fish oil does not break down the fatty acid chains.  Frying does however.  This baking vs frying is true for fresh fish as well.  If you fry the fish you will lose the good fatty acids but if you bake it you will retain the health benefits.  So a month ago I started baking with fish oil and for afternoon snack the kids get a fish oil cookie or brownie.  I usually just replace the called for oil with fish oil.  When we started this diet I switched to giving Mr Rockstar a couple Nordic Naturals – Ultimate Omega Junior vitamins because I couldn’t handle trying all new recipes plus trying to swap out oils, etc.  This vitamin dosage is high but not high enough.  Now that we have more foods in our diet such as coconut flour and oil I am going to start making some more fish oil cookies.  Today the kids had Omega 3 Paleo cookies.  As long as you have very ripe bananas they turn out great.

I loved the Vietnamese Spring Rolls and the Light Satay with Chili Garlic Sauce and Almond Butter for dinner.  Hubby thought it was ok but not his favorite.  Miss Tomboy and Mr Rockstar tried some dinner but it was too different for them to eat much.  I think it is safe to say it was chick food.  I think if I had more meat in the rolls Hubby would have liked them better (or warmed them up? they are served cold) and I think the kids just need more exposure to get used to them.


We had a good day.  No major outbursts just little things with the kids getting on each others nerves.  Mr Rockstar got a little antsy and in his sister’s personal space but any day with no aggression, time outs, or property destruction is a good day in my book.


Against my better judgement I decided to weigh myself this morning.  I have actually lost 3 lbs! in the last week.  I have been wanting to lose about 5 lbs for a 6 months now.  I have lost a pound or two but then I would put it back on whenever we had a bad week (with little sleep).  I haven’t been hungry the last week or worrying too much about what I was eating so I was surprised by the weight loss.  My theory is that if the foods you crave are the ones you are most likely to have a problem with….and this diet eliminates all the major foods most people have a problem with…then there is nothing crave-able left in the diet.  Not to say it isn’t good food but there isn’t anything I want to eat even when my stomach is full.  Also, the red white and blue bars for instance are so chocked full of whole grains and fruit that they really fill you up.  It would be impossible for me to eat the entire tray in one sitting unlike brownies which I could polish off in no time.  Besides losing a few pounds, my heartburn is also much better so I have’t been waking up in the middle of the night and stuck awake for 30 min until my heartburn settles down.  Between the kids frequent night wakings and my heartburn I can’t remember the last time I have slept solid through the night 3 nights in a row.  Yeah for better sleep!

Tonight I went to a mom’s night out and I ate chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin spice cookies, BBQ meatballs, and apple galette plus a couple wine coolers.  It was yum.  Lets just call this the mommy gluten, sugar, dairy, chocolate test.  Right?

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