Elimination Diet Day 11: Freeze the Donuts

What We Ate:




  • Apple Strawberry bars – Trader Joe’s
  • Banana
  • Hazelnuts
  • Freeze dried mango


Baked Fish and Chips Gluten Free Egg Free

Last night I made a batch of pumpkin donuts to have for breakfast today.  I figured I could just put them in a Tupperware and they would be fine in the morning.  They were pretty blah this morning.  The tops were getting gooey and the bottoms seemed a little dry.  Last time I made them I froze them right after baking and we reheated them a few days later.  Freezing them worked out great and they tasted fresh on reheat in the microwave.  Lesson learned…freeze the donuts (or muffins for that matter).

I was going to make some iced pumpkin spice rooibos tea but when I was double checking that rooibos is caffeine free I found it comes from the legume family so no rooibos for now.

Breakfast and lunch were quick and on the go today.  For dinner I decided to try baked fish and chips along with a vegan tartar sauce.  Unfortunately the breading fell off the fish upon removing it from the pan.  But the fish still tasted great.  All the kids loved the baked french fries.  Two weeks ago NONE of them would have touched a baked french fry and tonight they ate two large potatoes worth.  The vegan tartar sauce turned out surprisingly well.  Hubby and Miss Tomboy thought it was great on their fish.


This morning was Mr Rockstar’s first soccer game EVER.  I was freaking out about it wondering how it would go.  Somehow I missed we had to be there early for practice (duh) and that the field was 20 minutes away.  His first game was at 8:00AM and by 7:15 Hubby was telling me we had to go that instant or Mr Rockstar would be late.  I ended up just driving separately with the girls and showed up right as the game started.  Poor Mr Rockstar didn’t even get any breakfast so I packed whatever I could grab that I thought he might like.  Mr Rockstar started out as goalie and made a block!  When he finally got subbed out he ate a couple hotdogs, a little bit of a red white and blue berry bar and some freeze dried Jack Fruit.  He did great during his game and his team won 8 to 5.  During halftime the snack one of the parents brought was orange slices…and I totally caved.  I just couldn’t tell Mr Rockstar no about oranges.  So we had a mini test for citrus.  Having two orange slices did not have any noticeable affect on him.  I think I will wait another couple days and then do a more thorough citrus test.

During the game I opened up a bag of potato chips (from Trader Joe’s…the only ingredients are potatoes, olive oil and salt) and Miss Princess was crazy for them.  She refused to let anyone else have the bag and carefully hoarded over it.


Mr Rockstar had another game at 1PM so at 11AM we had lunch…and again it was whatever he wanted to eat to get full of fuel.  He chose a few more hotdogs with some mustard.  Miss Princess asked for a hotdog for the first time IN HER ENTIRE LIFE.  She kinda licked it?!? but didn’t eat any.  She did, however, decide she loves mustard and wanted me to just put more mustard on her plate so she could lick it off.  I finally convinced her to eat a couple chicken nuggets with mustard.  I am starting to think ketchup never needs to return to our pantry.  All the kids have transitioned to mustard now and that is so much healthier than all the sweet dipping sauces they used to use.  Besides hotdogs is there really any appropriate use for ketchup?  What do you use ketchup on?

Mr Rockstar made it through his afternoon game just barely.  At one point he just laid down in the field.  Even though he was tired and zonked he did listen to his coach and got up and finished the game without a meltdown.  Snack was orange slices again.  Mr Rockstar got a short nap on the drive home.

About dinnertime Mr Rockstar started getting hyper and bothering his sisters.  Nothing awful…more just typical boy I think.  Definitely manageable.  All the kids ate some of the fish and chips which was awesome.  After dinner we decided to walk to the playground.  Miss Tomboy decided she was going to ride her pedal John Deere tractor.  Mr Rockstar decided to put his new car (which he had gotten this morning at a garage sale) in the back of the tractor.  As we were crossing the street once Miss Tomboy took off super fast and kinda crashed over the edge of the curb trying to get back on the sidewalk.  When she did this the toy car flew through the air, landed on the side walk, and sustained considerable damage.  Mr Rockstar was devastated.  He cried BUT HE HELD IT TOGETHER!  I was so proud of him.  He was upset but no tantrums.  No “mommy fix it now!” screaming.  No “this is the end of the world”.  He cried for a while and then talked to Miss Tomboy and told her she broke his car by driving too fast.  Miss Tomboy graciously apologized.  Mr Rockstar seemed to accept that and we finished walking to the park.  The kids had a great time playing.  When it was time to leave Mr Rockstar game “first time the fast way” when called.  It was a great evening.

So overall we had a terrific day.  A few minor meltdowns and sibling altercations but especially given the drama of the day I was proud of how Mr Rockstar handled himself.

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