Elimination Diet Day 10: Contentment

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What we ate:


  • Oatmeal with maple syrup
  • Quinoa with maple syrup
  • Apple
  • Mango Passionfruit Juice



  • Applegate Hotdogs with mustard
  • Raisins
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Freeze dried Jackfruit





We are still excluding gluten, dairy, corn, soy, legumes, peanuts, chocolate, yeast, egg, citrus, sugar, artificial colors, and preservatives.  But since adding back the salycilates it feels like Christmas!  I am sure if we were just leaving out gluten I would somehow feel deprived and have a bunch of cravings for it but since we started out so extreme as we start adding back foods (just the salicylates so far) I have had an overwhelming feeling of contentment and a conviction that too often I have plenty and yet I am discontent.  Remind me of this post when we finish this diet and it turns out we have to banish gluten and dairy from our house and I am moaning about it.  At the moment I feel like we could do this diet indefinitely.  We have plenty of good foods to eat and now that our palettes have adjusted to fresh fruit (most of which was denied us last week due to salicylates) it seems like a rich mans fare.

I have been worrying that Miss Princess is not getting enough iron.  I am pretty sure she is getting enough vitamin C and protein but not so sure on iron.  Low iron can cause a decreased appetite among other things…which is not what Miss Princess needs.  So I decided to try this liquid Pur-absorb Iron.  The iron is already dissolved in water and you just add a pouch to a small glass of juice.  The vitamin C in the juice will aid in the adsorption of the iron.  She drank it down without any complaints.


A friend shared the website petiteallergytreats.blogspot.com with me.  She has a ton of amazing looking recipes most of which are free of the top 8 most common allergens.  Tomorrow is Mr Rockstar’s first ever soccer game….and he has not one but two games tomorrow.  The parents take turns bringing snacks and I am pretty positive whatever is brought for snack tomorrow will not be included in our diet.  So we get to be the weird parents that won’t let their child eat the perfectly normal snack at the soccer game.  In preparation for this exclusion I decided to try to make one of the recipes on  the petiteallergytreats.blogspot.com to be a special treat tomorrow.  I made the Raspberry Bars (though I made mine with strawberries and blueberries so I am calling them Red White and Blue Berry Bars) and they turned out AMAZING!  Seriously I will have to make these again.  They do have a lot of sugar in my opinion so they will need to be reserved as a special treat.  I let the kids all have a small piece tonight and Mr Rockstar and Miss Tomboy loved them.  Miss Princess wasn’t too sure.


Today was a much better day.  The kids all slept through the night again (a miracle!) and woke up at 6:30AM.  We had very few problems leading up to starting school.  I had Mr Rockstar draw before breakfast.  He drew a prism necklace of mine he has been playing with/wearing the past week or so.


We had no incidences at breakfast.  School went surprisingly smooth.  About an hour after breakfast he requested to color one of the pictures in his poetry book.  This surprised me because he isn’t usually inclined to color without me twisting his arm.  He did a great job coloring in the lines….for him.  This is the best I ever see and usually it is much worse.


I was able to do his reading lesson in only 20 minutes when it usually takes him 30-40 minutes or longer.  By late morning though he was starting to get antsy and more hyper.  I think this was more normal “boy” reaction to being still for too long in the house.  We went to the lake for some fun time and he settled down.  He took a nap and we had a pretty pleasant evening.  It wasn’t a perfect day but it was more than manageable.

Miss Tomboy is obsessed with playing with our pet hamster.  It is driving me crazy.

Miss Princess wouldn’t eat her quinoa this morning but she chomped down some pumpkin seeds, raisins and later some chicken nuggets.  The chicken nuggets do have some chickpea flour for the breading but since I only have a few left and it is about the only meat Miss Princess will eat I figured I would just save them for her to finish off.


For some reason two weeks ago the thought of giving up all processed food, all artificial preservatives, and all junk food seemed hard.  Now as I can see more foods coming into our diet it doesn’t seem too bad.  I know this elimination diet is going to fundamentally change the way we eat moving forward.  All the food I took out of the pantry and hid in the basement….I am thinking it never needs to come back.  I like the kids eating granola and fruit for breakfast instead of cocoa puffs.  But somehow when you are feeding them cocoa puffs for breakfast it just seems so hard to get away from it.  Maybe we will do a 100 Days of Real Food Challenge after the elimination diet is over just to firmly cement our new eating habits.

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