Things to Keep Your Sanity

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A Nut Butter Stirrer is seriously the best.  You know how the oil separates from the nuts?  This screws on and you just crank away.  I can even let the kids do it.  Just make sure you get the right size to fit whatever jar size you usually buy.


Squooshi Reusable Food Pouch Applesauce/smoothy/yogurt reusable pouches.  These things are easy to clean and we just love them.  When the twins were first starting to eat baby food they pretty much got all their sustenance from a squeeze pouch.  This saves you a ton of money plus you know what is in it!  I have used a couple different brands and they are all pretty much the same.


Freezer cooking.  I only started this summer but especially for lunches (chicken nuggets) and breakfast it is awesome.  I couldn’t believe how much it made my life easier.  So keep your sanity and make a couple batches of the healthy foods your kids like and freeze them for crazy days. has a lot of freezer friendly recipes that you can search/browse for free.

Misto Brushed Aluminum Sprayer I have thought about buying one of these for a while but the elimination diet finally prompted me to.  I am sure we could have survived without spray PAM for a couple weeks but this little gadget is so convenient and you can put whatever oil in it you want that I decided to just make life easier and get one.  It works great and now I don’t think I will ever go back to spray PAM.


Fox Run Non-Stick Mini Donut Pan

I resisted the baked donut trend for years.  It seemed silly to buy a donut pan when I had muffin pans….since baked donuts really are just muffins.  Well I finally broke down and got one for this diet since my kids look forward to donuts at church Sunday mornings.  Well not only did they accept the baked donuts as genuinely being donuts but I noticed I liked them better than muffins too!  I think it is a combination of mental trickery and the shape means they come out more firm and they stay firm longer.  Usually my muffins get mushy tops after a day or so but the donuts seem to age better.

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