Elimination Diet Day 9: Cravings and Change of Plans

What we ate:


  • Pancakes – made with Bob’s Red Mill All Purpose Gluten Free Flour (chickpea flour)
  • Oatmeal with maple syrup







  • Simply Balanced Deli Turkey
  • Trader Joe’s Apple and Strawberry Fruit Bars
  • Freeze dried Jackfruit Crisps


They say what you crave is most likely going to be your problem foods.

  1. What I crave the most is yeast, bread (gluten), sugar and chocolate.
  2. Mr Rockstar craves peanut butter and chocolate….that is really it for him.
  3. Miss Tomboy craves nothing or everything it is hard to tell since she eats it all without question.
  4. Miss Princess craves sweets, bread, and dairy (milk and yogurt).

So I guess we will see in a couple weeks if the experts are right on that one.


They all slept through the night and didn’t wake up until 7:00 AM!  I gave Mr Rockstar just 1mg extra melatonin last night so I think we almost have his sleep back on track.  I had decided to have Mr Rockstar draw me a picture before and after meals.  Dr Rapp would do this in her practice and the pictures in her book “Is This Your Child?” are pretty amazing.  Children would go from being able to draw to being only able to scribble after eating/being tested for problematic foods.  Mr Rockstar’s morning picture before breakfast:


He says this is me….I am just going to be flattered he chose me as his subject.  Given that he hates drawing and that he messed up twice and started over without any assistance or guidance from me I think this drawing is pretty awesome and was representative of the beginning of our morning.  However, when I finished cooking breakfast Mr Rockstar completely fell apart.  He didn’t want pancakes.  Just the smell of them was awful he said.  In the meantime the girls were gobbling up the pancakes.  Miss Princess put three away in no time flat.


Mr Rockstar asked if he could have a leftover biscuit with syrup on it.  I said sure but after I warmed it up he said “the steam smells just like the pancakes.  Yuck.”.  He begged for a hotdog but I said no.  Finally we compromised on a bowl of oatmeal.  After the oatmeal was cooked and he and Miss Tomboy were sitting down to eat it (have I mentioned Miss Tomboy eats everything) they BOTH SPILLED THEIR OATMEAL.  I was so mad.  And of course oatmeal scraped up off the floor is completely unacceptable to Mr Rockstar.  I finally regained some composure, put some more oatmeal on to cook, and we went outside to play hopscotch since Mr Rockstar was by this time in a horrible mood.

The rest of the morning just went from bad to worse.  At least his “good” time for the day was while we were on the phone with his distance learning teacher.  We are homeschooling but have to check in online once a week and over the phone once a month.  This was our first call so I was nervous.  Thank goodness it turned out well.

Mr Rockstar was so aggressive, whiny, mad, and explosive about everything this morning that I just didn’t have the patience for it so I decided we should bike to the park to see if the exercise would help.  He seemed to calm down and the kids had a great time at the park.  I had packed some leftover pancakes and biscuits among other things for snacks at the park which turned into our lunch.  Mr Rockstar decided he liked the pancakes and biscuits now that they were cold (the biscuits btw were still pretty good the next day and could easily be cut to make a sandwich without crumbling).  Pretty shortly after getting home he started falling apart again (about 1 hr after eating the pancakes).  We tried to finish up the school work we had failed to do earlier in the morning.  He made a mistake in one of his workbooks so I erased it….and HE COMPLETELY MELTED DOWN….seriously just melted down over me using his eraser.  He started sobbing and didn’t stop crying for 30 min.  It was the end of the world that his eraser was a little less new looking.  We had already gone through this “erasers are for using and they get messed up” once but didn’t have this kind of extremely sad reaction.  All of this has me wondering if legumes are the problem?  Especially since peanuts are a legume and that is Mr Rockstar’s most craved food since starting the diet?  I have been using a chickpea based flour since it is higher in protein than the rice based gluten free flours.  So as I have been getting more confident in my gluten free baked goods and making more of them Mr Rockstar has been getting progressively worse.

Today I reached my limit.  We are well past the 1 week mark and things have been getting worse not better.  Things have been this bad (or worse) in the past but clearly something is going awry with the diet.  So this afternoon I decided to go ahead and test for salicylates.  I figured it would be an easy switch to add salicylates back to our diet (Hallelujah!) and take out legumes.  After nap I let the children feast on raisins and made a batch of Cherry Coconut Almond Oatmeal Cookies.  We were all in heaven.  Usually my kids won’t eat cookies with fruit in them (actually usually I won’t either) but these seemed delectable.  The coconut oil, honey, cherries, almond flour, and almond butter in them are all really high in salicylates.  Before I let Mr Rockstar eat the raisins or cookies he drew this:


An hour after eating the high salicylate food he drew this:


I thought they were pretty equivalent drawings.  The rest of the evening went well.  Mr Rockstar had a little whining but no aggression or major tantrums.  We went for a shopping trip to Target and Trader Joe’s and ended up just munching in the car on the way home for dinner.  At Target I found the Simply Balanced deli turkey contains only turkey, water, potato starch and salt.  How cool is that?


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