Elimination Diet Day 8: Biscuit Success!

What we ate:


  • Creamy banana oatmeal with shredded apples and maple syrup
  • Quinoa with maple syrup
  • Homemade Pear and Applesauce



  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Pomegranate seeds
  • Rice crackers
  • Golden Delicious Apple




  • Breakfast Oatmeal Cookies


Thai noodles

This morning I made apple and pear sauce using the blender and then served it up in reusable squeeze pouches.  These pouches are awesome and a great way to serve up pureed fruit (or yogurt when we aren’t on this diet).


Finally! Biscuit success!  One unexpected benefit of doing this diet is I am getting much better at making unleavened breads.  In unleavened breads the baking soda and baking powder are the rising agent.  If you handle the dough too much or over mix it then you will get heavy tough bread.  I have always known this but never have had enough practice making biscuits to learn how to properly handle the dough.  Now that I have made a few batches of unleavened bread (fry bread and biscuits) in a short span of time it is getting much easier!  Maybe by the time we are done with this diet I will be able to make Southern biscuits just like my Granny.  The new recipe worked much better for whatever reason than the recipe I tried the other day.  It is not crumbly at all, they rose, and they taste great.  I am going to save some to see if they will keep for a day to be used for a bread substitute.


The vegan coleslaw turned out so well I have wondered if the dressing couldn’t be modified to substitute for mayo in some recipes….probably worth testing.  The dressing keeps for a couple days so I made up a fresh batch of coleslaw to go with our lunch.

The stir fry for dinner was amazing.  It tasted just like Noodles & Co Pad Thai bowl.  I had read coconut aminos is a good substitute for soy sauce if you are on a soy free diet.  Of course there is no information regarding salicylates and coconut aminos …but coconut aminos is not made from coconut meat but rather it is coconut sap.  Given that maple syrup has no salicylates I thought it was a good bet that coconut aminos is OK and besides the recipe only calls for a few tablespoons anyway.  I originally added in the low salicylates into our diet because I realizes we would be greatly increasing the salicylates in our diet if I didn’t consider them.  So while we might not be keeping a super low salicylate level at least it is not higher than it was before.


The good news is that between the extra melatonin I gave Mr Rockstar last night plus putting his old sheets back on his bed he slept all night and woke up at 6:30 AM.  The bad news is he was still clearly overtired today, very amped up, whiny, easily frustrated, frequently hitting his sister, etc.  He was yawning quite a bit and his eyes have dark circles.  It was a tough day to get school work done but we eventually got it all done.

To try and prevent his sleep from spiraling out of control again I am going to start limiting his naps.  He currently takes Intuniv which is an ADHD medication for aggressive children.  It makes him a bit drowsy during the day so he usually takes a nap even though he is 6.  Starting today if I know he is extra tired I will let him sleep 1.5 hrs but if it is a regular day then only 45 min.  If he chooses to take no nap at all I won’t move his bedtime up (which is what I was doing) but instead we will put him down at the same time every night regardless of nap or no nap.  If he chooses to put himself to bed early though I won’t stop him.

Miss Princess is slowly trying new foods depending on how hungry she is and what options she has in front of her.  She wouldn’t eat the oatmeal for breakfast but she did gladly eat the quinoa.  I usually give my kids a few limited options at each meal.  I think she is getting enough protein and vitamin C.  She doesn’t really eat any meat except chicken nuggets.  I have stuck with the gluten free flour that is chickpea based even though it has a stronger taste than the rice flour because it is much higher in protein content and we have gotten pretty used to the taste by now.  So Miss Princess gets protein from quinoa, chickpea flour, nuts, and chicken nuggets.  She gets vitamin C from bananas (and her multi vitamin).  The only thing I am a little worried about is iron.  She does get iron in her multi vitamin but I am thinking maybe I should start adding some dissolvable iron into some of our baked goods.

Miss Tomboy….I’m not sure she has even noticed we changed the foods we are eating.  She hasn’t even batted an eye about it.


I had my decaf hazelnut rice milk maple syrup latte this morning.  I am starting to REALLY like it.  I would probably prefer soy milk or lactose free milk (I am pretty severely lactose intolerant) to the rice milk but the maple syrup is a nice flavor.  I thought I would for sure lose a few pounds on this diet but instead I have gained a couple.  I think I used to grab a canned beverage (soda or LaCroix) or flavored water between meals but now I am eating instead.  Also I am eating for energy especially with the sleep issues we have had lately and the lack of caffeine.  Tomorrow I am going to commit to drinking more water and maybe some tea too.




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