Elimination Diet Day 7: Fruit Fly Epidemic

What we ate:


Pumpkin Donuts
Pumpkin Donuts


  • Fry bread sun butter and pear butter sandwiches
  • Apple
  • Plantain chips
Fry bread sun butter and pear butter sandwich, plantain chips, apples, and rice milk
Fry bread sun butter and pear butter sandwich, plantain chips, apples, and rice milk




The fruit flies have reached epidemic proportions in our house.  We have had fruit flies before but if they got bad I would just not buy fruit for a couple days and clean the kitchen really well and they would go away.  Well obviously with the diet not buying fruit is not an option and the two best fruits on the diet right now are bananas and pears which are about the worst for fruit flies.  We must have HUNDREDS in the kitchen and all the bathrooms.  So gross.  I finally looked up what to do:

  1. Clean sinks and counters
  2. Pour boiling water down all sinks once a day for a few days
  3. Wash all fruit with a vinegar rinse to kill fruit flies/eggs and then store fruit in a covered container like under a cake dome.
  4. Make apple cider vinegar fruit fly traps.  I made a couple.  The one with hot apple cider vinegar + piece of old pear + a couple drops of dish soap + a paper funnel is the one that has worked the best so far.
Covered Fruit
Covered Fruit
Fruit Fly Trap
Fruit Fly Trap

Here’s to hoping it works and we are rid of the nasty bugs soon.

The kids loved the pumpkin donuts reheated for breakfast.  They froze great!  I think if I make them again I will try leaving out the cinnamon and maybe adding nutmeg instead.  That would make the salicylates level lower.

Now that I have made the fry bread a couple times it only takes about 10-15 minutes to mix and cook up a batch.  The less you kneed/handle it the better it will turn out.  The fry bread sandwiches do still taste good for a few hours after making them just not the next day.  Miss Princess decided she liked plantain chips.  She is expanding her diet every day.

After only getting 3 hrs of sleep total last night and no nap thanks to Mr Rockstar we had leftovers for dinner.  The kids loved eating the “dinosaur” bones just as much the second night as the first.


Mr Rockstar was up from 1:00 AM to 6:00 AM this morning.  I am so tired I am a weepy sick mess.  I got a Starbucks and at least made it to nap time without breaking down.  I woke Mr Rockstar up at 8:00 AM because he has occupational therapy Tuesday mornings.  As expected he was kinda crazy this morning getting into his sisters space, hyper, and overly sensitive to everything.  Thankfully between his therapy being during the best part of his typical day and our multi level award system he had a good therapy session.  Afterwards was rough but we made it through lunch.  Once I got the girls down for their nap I started trying to get Mr Rockstar to take a rest.  Usually if I just tell him to take a 5 min rest and then he can have/do “blank” (whatever he is most excited about that day) he will co-operate and he usually falls asleep.  Not so today.  Today he was not able to keep his body still enough to fall asleep.  Mix that with his tendency to be aggressive when tired and his endless need for company and it meant we were in for a miserable afternoon.  He kept amping up the aggression until finally I just didn’t know what else to do other than hold him.  He is a big, strong 6 year old so I am not sure how much longer I will be able to do this.  I just gently but firmly held him like a baby and rocked him.  His body relaxed like it needed the firm hug but his mouth was saying “I will tear you up.” and he was trying to claw at me with his hands.  I usually try to stay stoic in the face of his aggression and deal with my emotions about it privately but I just broke down.  Between the sleep deprivation and my child not being able to control his body and saying violent things to me I just started sobbing.  Mr Rockstar wondered why I was crying but even when I tried to explain it just didn’t seem to compute with him.  Within 5 minutes of holding him his body completely relaxed and I was able to leave him calm in his bed.  He fell asleep quickly there after.

This morning I was reading Is This Your Child?.  In the chapters on aggression and hyperactivity in children in some cases diet can have an impact.  The case studies did sound so much like my little boy.  I just want to find some relief for my poor boy.  I did realize I put brand spanking new flannel sheets on his bed yesterday morning.  I am wondering if that was bothering him?  It is all so complicated it seems like we will never figure it out.  The sad thing is that the last couple of days have not been atypical.  Once a month or often we have had  bouts of major aggression along with insomnia/wildly varying sleep patterns, hyperactivity, high sensitivity, and poor communication.  I feel like I am always braced waiting for a storm to hit.  Here’s to hoping the last few days were due to withdrawal, accidental gluten ingestion (Saturday), accidental artificial dye/soy ingestion (Friday), or chemical residue (new sheets) and the next few days get us back on track.   I am thinking maybe I should get Mr Rockstar allergy tested.  I have been spending a lot more time observing him and realized he has a pretty constant runny nose which he then licks (of course) which causes an irritated upper lip.


Even though I have strayed from the diet a little the last couple days I plan to get back on it.  I realized my geographic tongue which I have had my whole life is almost completely normal looking!  This makes me think I probably have a food sensitivity or two.

Have you noticed all the food pictures are outside?  Yeah part of the fruit fly epidemic might be that the kitchen seems to be always dirty these days…

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