Elimination Diet Day 6: Is it really the diet?

What we ate today:





  • Banana
  • Rice Cake sandwich with Sun Butter and Pear Butter
  • Pomegranate



  • Kansas City Style BBQ Ribs
  • Vegan Coleslaw
  • Biscuits
  • Salad with hazelnuts, pomegranate, and pear
  • Chamomile Iced Tea


Mr Rockstar and Miss Tomboy have decided they love oatmeal…at least given the options they now have they love oatmeal.  It used to be if they didn’t like dinner they would beg for a bowl of sugary cereal.  Now they beg for a bowl of oatmeal (though they still don’t usually get it).  I decided to try serving leftover quinoa as oatmeal for Miss Princess.  She was so hungry she finally took a bite and loved it!  I am start to feel pretty good about our breakfast choices now.  We have pancakes, baked pumpkin donuts, oatmeal, quinoa, breakfast cookies, granola, and puffed millet.

For lunch the kids actually ate the chicken nuggets.  Not just a few but A LOT.  I did break down and give Miss Princess maple syrup to dip her’s in…which of course resulted in all the kids having maple syrup to dip their’s in.  I am sure dipping into pure maple syrup is better than the sweet and sour sauce they used to eat from McDonald’s.

Today I discovered Palm Shortening!  This meant I could make “real” biscuits!  I was determined to have a Labor Day BBQ feast.  My husband cooked some killer Kansas Style BBQ Ribs and I made some vegan coleslaw, biscuits and sweet chamomile tea.  It was all heavenly.  I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed the coleslaw.  It was AMAZING.  It is going to become my new coleslaw recipe.  Miss Tomboy sat down with me and we just ate coleslaw as a snack it was that good.  I think the slight nutty flavor from the cashews just makes it addicting.  Unfortunately the recipe for the biscuits that I modified was a complete fail.  I don’t know if it was my flour, I over kneaded them, or I over cooked them but they didn’t hardly rise and they were hard.  I had to soak mine in a cup of milk to eat it.  The kids still ate them though.  Mr Rockstar and Miss Tomboy loved eating the ribs and trying to clean all the meat off their “dinosaur bone”.


Mr Rockstar has had a rough couple days.  It has me thinking if Day 4, 5, and 6 of the elimination diet have been so bad is diet really part of the problem?  He did find some gum on the afternoon of the 3rd day (I think) that had a number of things in it excluded from the diet including artificial color.  Saturday afternoon I accidentally gave him a little gluten twice.  Maybe these explain some of the behaviors?  I know they say Day 4-5 can be rough because of withdrawal symptoms for some people.  Of course the part of me that is a perfectionist and always looking to blame myself is thinking I am just not doing the diet “perfectly” enough.  Maybe we should have chosen the few foods diet (two meats, two grain, two fruits, veggies). Maybe it is the legumes we are consuming.  Maybe the salicylates aren’t low enough.  I have been allowing more and more salicylates into our diet.  Apples, cashews, coconut, cinnamon, hazelnuts, tomato sauce, chili pepper, all of these things are lowish in salicylates in small quantities.  But still I start to wonder if maybe I have let them eat too much. I am going to see how the next couple days go.  If it is salicylates I figure the day I test for them will be a “Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” and if it is not then I guess all my worry over too much salicylates will be for naught.


Confession…Hubby bought me a Taco Bell bean burrito.  The kids were all napping and he said he was going to get himself something at Taco Bell and did I want anything?  After a rough couple days and struggling with a cold Taco Bell just sounded great.  I am not exactly sure why I have been trying to do the diet with the kids.  I do have heartburn, asthma, low energy, eczema, and general groggy feeling (isn’t that just motherhood though?!?) that I thought the diet might help with.  After 6 days though I feel pretty much the same and if anything my heartburn is worse.  Not sure if I will get back on the wagon or make myself a real cup of coffee tomorrow.  What do you suggest?

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