1 AM Wakeup

Mr Rockstar woke up about 1:00 AM.  He struggles with bouts of insomnia.  We used to give him the iPad and just let him watch cartoons because once he is up and bouncing off the walls we have learned there is absolutely no getting him back to sleep (tonight I tried 3mg melatonin and 3 valerian root capsules plus hours of rocking, singing, patting his back, and even some mindfulness exercises where we focus on our breathing).  Sometimes Mr Rockstar just wakes up in the middle of the night to roll over or go to the bathroom and he had started waking himself up all the way, sneaking into our room, stealing the iPad, and watching cartoons all night even when he wasn’t having insomnia.  We finally decided we were going to have to stop giving him the iPad at night even if that meant one of us was up with him.  Fast forward to last night …it means I have been up since 1:30 AM when he woke me up.  Of course I had decided to stay up until 11PM the night before.  I just want to cry.  Nights like this that are spent endlessly trying to soothe a hyper child make me feel so helpless.  Before we had the girls at least I was able to crash whenever Mr Rockstar finally crashed.  But alas those days are no more.  Right now he is pretending to sleep but he won’t sleep or if he does it will be only for an hour.  Then we will have an awful cranky morning of him bothering his sisters and getting frustrated at everything.  Then he will crash at 9AM and sleep until 1PM just when his sisters will take a nap….leaving me just exhausted, ready to cry, and wondering when if ever these attacks of insomnia will stop.  Mr Rockstar is 6.  At least when he learns to read he can just read books to himself all night…I hope.  I think this answers my question about whether I will have a real cup of coffee or decaf today.

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