Elimination Diet Day 5: “But I want REAL donuts”

What We Ate:




  • Pumpkin Donuts
  • Applegate Hot Dogs with BBQ Sauce
  • Pears



  • Mango Smoothy
  • Celery
  • Rice Thins
  • Sun butter


Stuffed Peppers, arugala and spinach salad with pumpkin seeds, and pan fried potatoes
Stuffed Peppers, arugala and spinach salad with pumpkin seeds, and pan fried potatoes

Things I learned today… ¬†Coconut sugar is pretty gross. ¬†Sorry if you love it but I am pretty sure my coconut sugar glaze (coconut sugar with a little rice milk) could be a decent substitute for soy sauce (not a bad idea right?). ¬†Also, this Misto Sprayer is a great alternative to using PAM. ¬†Just fill it with whatever oil you desire (I am using sunflower) and pump it a couple times to prime it and spray your baking dish as needed. ¬†I will probably keep using it even after the diet is done and save myself some money on PAM. ¬†One review I read said it is important to unscrew the lid slightly to release the pressure when you are done using it to help prevent it from clogging.

Sundays there are donuts at church. ¬†Last week I tried to preempt what I knew would be a problem once we started the elimination diet by starting a new tradition of baking mini donuts at home. ¬†It actually worked pretty well…last week. ¬†Today not so much. ¬†Last week I had a pretty “normal” baked donut recipe. ¬†Today the recipe I tried was pretty bad. ¬†Edible but definitely weird and not a replacement for “REAL” donuts in the words of Mr Rockstar. ¬†Not only were the donuts themselves blah but the coconut sugar glaze was not good. ¬†Thankfully I had baked some breakfast oatmeal cookies last night so they ate a few of those and I appeased them by saying I would try to make better donuts after church. ¬†On a sunnier note I made myself a decaf latte that was delicious.

Round¬†two of donuts…so much better. ¬†I made Pumpkin Mini Donuts. ¬†I did break down and used a little bit of cinnamon even though cinnamon is higher in salicylates.

Lunch was devoured.  Mr Rockstar and Miss Tomboy can put away the hotdogs.  I made BBQ Sauce yesterday and they loved it!  Too bad Miss Princess refused to eat anything.  She is going to be hungry tonight.

Dinner will be leftovers.  The kids picked at dinner last night but because it was late I had let them fill up on snacks (granola, cashews, and freeze dried mangos) while it was cooking.  We are going to try stuffed peppers round two tonight.


Mr Rockstar woke up early but I have no idea when. ¬†I think he was up by 6:00 but didn’t make noise enough to wake me up until 6:30. ¬†He was very hyper this morning and getting into everybody’s space and whining a lot. ¬†We have had worse but the morning wasn’t fun.

By late morning/early afternoon he was being aggressive, getting in everybody’s personal space, hyperactive, easily upset, irrational, needing to take time outs but refusing, etc. ¬†I was sure he would crash and take a nap but he didn’t. ¬†I have a pretty bad cold. ¬†The girls were showing signs of it but I am not sure about Mr Rockstar. ¬†He had a runny nose last week so maybe he has already had it.


Caffeine headache is finally gone.  Yeah!  I was hoping the diet might help with my nighttime heartburn and daytime energy level.  Not much change that I can tell so far.  If anything my heartburn has been worse.  Maybe because of all the beans or maple syrup.

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