Elimination Diet Day 2: Eating at Last

What we ate today:


Breakfast Oatmeal Cookies
Breakfast Oatmeal Cookies


  • Fry bread sandwiches with pear butter and sun butter
  • Unsweetened Applesauce – not too much because of the salicylates.  Apples are borderline ok and cooking (when they make the applesauce) lowers the salicylate content.

Fry Bread Sandwich




So how did Day Two go?

Today was …. amazing.  It has only been 24 hrs but if we keep having days like this I will be a convert.  The kids happily munched on the leftover breakfast oatmeal cookies this morning.  We had a terrific morning doing school work (we started homeschooling this week.  Crazy to start that plus a elimination diet in the same week right?  Why do I do this to myself?).

At lunch time I decided to experiment with a gluten free tortilla recipe I had found and see if I could modify it to make “bread”.  My kids LOVE bread.  I think part of the difficulty yesterday was getting them to change both their peanut butter (to sun butter) and also their bread (to rice cakes).  The all purpose gluten free flour I am using has a chickpea base so it has a surprisingly high amount of protein even without adding any sun butter to it.   It was so much easier than I thought!  Such a simple recipe and then you roll it out like you are making southern biscuits, cut them out with an appropriate size glass to make perfect little circles and pan fry them.  The kids loved them.  I added a little homemade pear butter and sun butter to them and Mr Rockstar and Miss Tomboy said they were delicious.  Miss Princess tried a bite which is usually the first step to her actually eating something the next time it is set in front of her.  She did eat a couple pieces of plain fry bread and seemed quite happy with it.  I also gave all the kids a small bowl of unsweetened applesauce.  Two days ago they wouldn’t have touched it but Mr Rockstar and Miss Tomboy scarfed it down.

We continued to have a great afternoon and evening.  Miss Princess went to the grocery store with me to pick up some more bananas and pears.  While we were there we decided to pick up some Beanitos – navy bean – tortilla chips.  When we got home Miss Princess finally broke down and started tasting everything.  She ate a few chicken nuggets (finally after licking half a dozen the last 24 hrs), some banana, and then tried the Beanitos. She (and the rest of the crew) absolutely loved them.  Don’t waste your money on plain Rice Thins (*edit: they have since warmed up to Rice Thins …so try them both and have a little variety).  The Beanitos taste better and you get more volume and nutrients for your money.


At dinner I made another batch of fry bread.  We used some of it to make our mexican tacos.  The rest I am saving for sandwiches tomorrow since we are having a picnic lunch with some friends.  I hope they are still good tomorrow!




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