You Want Me to Try What?!?

When my son’s doctor recommended we try an elimination diet to see if it would help with his ADHD symptoms I internally groaned.

I thought “I am way too exhausted to try this,” and  “there isn’t any good data to support that anyway, right?”.

But pretty quickly that was replaced with “I am too exhausted not to try this,” and “sounds like a fun research project!”.

Before having children I was a full time engineer specializing in data analysis for improving product quality and I still do this very part time.  The part of being a SAHM that still yearns for some mental stimulus jumped on the suggestion of the elimination diet and took off.  Before starting I wanted to find out Is There Any Data Supporting an Elimination Diet for Behavioral/Sensory Issues? and So What Foods Should I Eliminate?

If I am going to eliminate a couple major foods from our diet indefinitely I want a high statistical confidence that it helped reduce my son’s ADHD symptoms.



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